Hello Hackers & Geeks, Today I am going to present top 10 websites which shorten URLs and earn money. You can shorten URLs by just entering the actual URL and get a shortlink of that vary URL. Whenever you visit that URL you will get paid, and you can also share those URLs with your friends and family members, Whenever he/she visits that URL you will also get paid for that, and you can also make this your part time job to shorten URLs and earn money by share it on various social meda platforms and got paid for that when you got views by your short links.

shorten urls and earn money shotening

WORKING : Whenever you shorten the URL and visit the webpage by that shortened URL you  will see an advertisement on that vary page and a few seconds (usually 2 to 3 seconds) you will get a SKIP AD>> Button. you have to hit that button and visit the shortened URL.

shorten urls and earn money skip ads

These URL shorteners are 100% genuine and pays according to your countries payout rates, all of them have their minimum threshold amount vary according to the payout method.

Here is the list of top 10 sites which shorten URLs and earn money :

1). Adf.ly :

     Click Here : https://adf.ly

2). Linkbucks.com

    Click Herehttps://www.linkbucks.com

3). Bc.vc

    Click Here : http://bc.vc

4). AdLock.org

     Click Here : http://adlock.org

5). Shorte.st

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     Click Here : https://shorte.st

6). Clkim.com

     Click Here : https://clkim.com

7). AdFoc.us

     Click Here : http://adfoc.us

8). Blv.me

     Click Herehttps://blv.me

9). Ad5.eu

     Click Here : http://ad5.eu

10). CoinURL.com

     Click Here : https://coinurl.com

I hope this post will help you to easily earn money by simply shortening URLs and share it on social media, but it is not soo easy to shorten URLs and earn money you have to do some hard or you can say smart work to shorten URLs and earn money.

If i have missed any top site by which one can shorten URLs and earn money then please comment. Share this with your friends and fellows.

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