A few years back, spying was an arduous task. It was expensive, time-consuming, and a tricky experience; which is why people relied on spies for carrying out catch-22 tasks. Fast forward to present day, and this activity has entered its renaissance. Advancements in surveillance technology have made spying an easier task. That’s why we have decided to review a cell phone spying app for our readers. This app has been consistently featuring among the top spying apps for Android. It has invited some rave reviews from the software critics. So let’s know more about the app, how it operates, and if it’s worth all the hype.

A Brief Introduction About Xnspy

The Xnspy was introduced in the market about 4 years back. The initial versions were not as good as the latest one, still, it managed to make its name due to the variety of features it offered. Its latest version has been making strides and competes for any top app in the market in terms of compatibility and choice of features. The interface has been revamped and it has become faster and more efficient. There is also a bunch of new features added to its new versions. We will also be covering a few of them. All this with an affordable market price makes it an attractive option for monitoring enthusiasts.


Xnspy: Android spying apps
Xnspy: Android spying apps





If we talk about spying apps in general, one thing that turns off many users is their inability to catch up to the operating system changes. For example, if Android has released its new versions, then very few of these spying apps will provide support for it. It may take them a few months to get compatible with the newer OS. So when the user upgrades his Android OS, the app stops working on the phone. It means that any app you choose for spying must support the latest Android versions besides supporting the previous ones.


The good thing about Xnspy is that it completely supports the prevailing Android Oreo 8.0 operating system. Barring a few exceptions, it supports almost all the Android devices. And unlike other apps, rooting is not a precondition.

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Setting up Xnspy


Those who are not tech-savvy might budge at the idea of installing an Android spying app on the target phone but Xnspy has tried to make it as easy as possible so that anyone can use it. The process of setting up the app comprises of only three steps:



  • Subscribe: Xnspy is not available on Google Play Store. You have to visit their website www.xnspy.com and subscribe to the app first.




  • Download and Install: After the subscription, you will receive an email with your login details, a download link, and some installation instructions. Use the download link on the phone you wish to monitor and download Xnspy. Install the app after it is finished downloading.




  • Operate: After installation, you are ready to start monitoring. Use the login credentials sent to your email earlier and login to your Xnspy account. You can access this account on a laptop or cell phone using the internet.


android spying apps xnspy
Figure 1 Xnspy login page


This three-step process does not take more than 10 minutes. But make sure you have a working internet connection for setting up Xnspy.




Xnspy’s new interface simplifies navigation. When you log in to your Xnspy account for the first time, it takes you to the main screen which is called the “Dashboard.” This is actually the control-room of the app where all the features are monitored, accessed, and operated. The new dashboard screen has tried to introduce some contrast to the interface for highlighting the features. The main features bar is now charcoal grey while the rest of the interface is mostly white and red. The main screen is compact but still looks clutter-free and every information is displayed symmetrically.


On the left side of the screen, there is a vertical bar showing all the features in the form of a list. Clicking on a feature expands its sub-features and this makes it easier for the user to get all the relevant information under a single tab. Clicking a feature will display its information on the center of the screen, where you can access and delete any piece of information.

android spying apps xnspy dashboard
Figure 2 Xnspy Dashboard



Xnspy offers customization of features in its dashboard. You can go to the Settings sections to toggle on and off certain features. And you can download and save the data from your online account any given time.

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The growing competition has lowered the price of the top spying apps for Android. That’s why Xnspy has also kept its price competitive and affordable.


Currently, it offers two packages: Basic and Premium. The basic package is designed for standard monitoring and entails all the primitive level monitoring features like access to the contacts and text messages, etc. This package costs $8.33 per month for an annual subscription.


The premium package is designed for advanced level monitoring. It has all the signature features of Xnspy like surround record, newly introduced Xnspy Analytics, and remote control features among many others. At $12.49 a month, its premium package’s annual subscription is a bargain.

Even if you do a price comparison, it is way cheaper than its rival apps, like Flexispy whose 3-month premium package alone costs $199.


The only downside is that Xnspy does not offer any free version or trial version of the app. The only way to know how it works is by trying the demo version available on its website. There you can have a glimpse of its interface and overall working.


Key Features


Remote Control: Xnspy Android spying app makes this possible through its remote control features. Let’s say you want to know what’s going on around a monitored person’s surroundings. Simply turn to Xnspy’s ambient recording feature which will record the ambient sounds by accessing the target phone’s mic and uploading the recording to your Xnspy account. It can save up to a maximum of 30 minutes of recording in a single session. Similarly, you have the remote ability to wipe out the device or lock it using this feature.


Xnspy Analytics: The app has made it possible to symmetrically arrange the information that would otherwise take hours to identify and collect. Xnspy Analytics has been designed to provide key information regarding calls, internet usage, etc. in the form of actuarial reports. In the “Calls” section of the features, you will see “Analysis” right next to the calls chart. Click on this and you will see a list of information and a punch card. The first list is about the top five callers that called the target phone in a given period of time. The number of calls and phone number is also displayed on this list.

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android spying apps Xnspy Analytics
Figure 3 Xnspy Analytics



The second list of “Top 5 Call Duration.” As the name suggests, it displays the top five calls with maximum duration in a descending order. Like the previous list, the phone numbers along with the duration is mentioned on the list.


What we liked


Compatibility is the first feature that impressed us about Xnspy. The interface is also simple and easy to use while the introduction of features like remote control and Xnspy analytics, has elevated its stature. Not to mention the comparatively low rates.


What we disliked


Of course, it has some downsides to it. Any new user would budge by the idea of paying before using the app. It should have had a trial version for the new users. But having said that, the demo does give an idea about the working of the app. Secondly, we think that a single ambient recording session’s duration must be increased to avoid sending multiple commands.


Our verdict


Xnspy has plenty to offer as a top Android spying app. If you want to use an app that is affordable yet offers all the high-end spying features, then Xnspy is just right for you.



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