Not knowing the whereabouts of your loved ones is surely very much vexing. You will become restless when you won’t find the location details of a minor child or spouse who is sending you SOS messages. 

Also, knowing the location details is important for employers who have a full-fledged team in the field. This is where a feature-rich and power-packed cell phone location app comes to your rescue.


With its help, you can keep tabs on other’s cell phone locations at least possible efforts. Taking its assistance can bring relief to various fronts and help you have a good night’s sleep.

In this post, we are talking about the top ten cell phone location tracking apps that are perfect for this job. So, scroll down to know more about them. 

10 Fastest Ways to Spy A Cell Phone Location

1. Minspy

Out of all the text message spying tools and technologies, we are suggesting you Minspy for the cell location tracking job in the beginning. It is the first choice of millions for this job.

Its assistance is available hassle-freely in 190 countries. You can find more information about Minspy here. 

Some of its extraordinary features are mentioned here. 


  • Minspy works without rooting/jailbreak which has established it as one of the safest ways to spy on a cell phone location. By ditching these old school processes, it has managed to keep the entire process free from tons of risks. 


  • People swear by its data security as it works without saving data on the server. 


  • It is a dependable resource as it can capture live Wi-Fi and GPS based location details. Each entry is captured in real-time and delivered with timestamps. Hence, you’ll experience loopholes free assistance. 
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  • Its user-friendliness is commendable. If your target is using an iPhone then you can use its services without getting involved in any kind of lengthy and time taking procedure as it is a web-based solution.  


  • While the assistance is of the highest quality and you will get the best feature-suite, the operational cost of Minspy is very affordable. Your monthly expenses are only $10. At this cost, it performs a lot more than location tracking. It has the ability to spy on 35 phone activities. 

2. Spyic 

Spyic is the second choice that we have made. This cell phone location tracker can be used without any worries about your technical incompetence. It never let anyone act as an impediment between you and location tracking spying assistance. 

  • Cell phone location tracking is easy and risk-free with Spyic as it works without jailbreak/rooting. There are no special tasks or technology that you need to accomplish to use its assistance. 
  • With the help of its stealth mode and web-based browsers, you can easily maintain the secrecy of your task.  


3. Spyier 

Spyier is a 100% legit remote cell phone location tracking app that you can use on any device. It has a separate solution for both iOS and Android tools. 

  • It is known for its best ROI. Along with capturing Wi-Fi and GPS-based location details, it can keep you posted on activities like call logs, SMS, web-browsing history, etc. 
  • With Spyier, you can also set-up virtual boundaries and limit the movement of your loved ones. 
  • As soon as the target moves out of those boundaries, you will be notified without wasting a single minute. 

4. Neatspy 

If there is a way to enjoy risk-free and reliable cell phone location tracking then it’s only with Neatspy. Packed with ample features and built with the world’s best technology, this location tracker is here to please you at every front.

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Wondering how to do text message spying on Android and iPhone at a time?

Well, Neatspy is an expert in this. Its cell phone location tracker can work on both these platforms. Also, all the versions are supported by it. So, you have a cell phone location tracker that works wonderfully. 

5. Spyine 

Compact size, risk-free performance, noteworthy user-friendly interface, and dependable data are your takeaways when you’re using Spyine for a cell phone location tracking job. It is the master of this task and knows how to accomplish it without glitches. 

With its user-friendly interface, any novice can accomplish this job with full perfection. You don’t have to get involved in a lengthy download process for iOS devices. For Android, its assistance is very simplified. 

6. ClickFree 

If you haven’t heard of ClickFree, then it’s time to learn about this feature-rich cell phone location tracking app. We were stunned seeing the ease that it has brought in cell phone location tracking. 


Throughout the process, data integrity and dependency are not at all compromised. You will get hold of real-time location data without any on-server data saving facility.

7. Spyzie 

With free lifetime updates and a browser-based dashboard, Spyzie is here at 7th place. You will have the facility of automatic updates, around the clock assistance, and multiple subscriptions with this cell phone location tracker tool. 

  • It has been designed to perform perfectly fine on both the iOS and Android devices. Even the newly launched iOS 13 OS is also supported by it. 
  • The affordable cost of gas made it everyone’s first choice. 


8. Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor allows you to track the Wi-Fi and GPS based location coordinate details without even touching the targeted phone. Every update will be sent in real-time so that there are no loopholes to waste your efforts. 

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It can work with any device and browser. 

9. TeenSafe 

With TeenSafe, you don’t have to be worried about where your loved ones are even though they don’t bother to update you about their location details. 

  • Built with 100% rooting and jailbreak free technology, TeenSafe knows how to keep your motives a secret affair from beginning to end. Its stealth mode and web-based interface play a crucial role in this job. 
  • The advanced security encryption of TeenSafe ensures that your data is safe with it. Also, it delivers data without anyone’s involvement.  

10. Cocospy 

At last, we would place Cocospy. It is compatible with all the leading OS and has the ability to fetch real-time details. Taking its assistance is pure bliss as it is affordable and dependable. 


Ending Notes 

With real-time location tracking, tons of troubles can be placed out of your way. When you have the right resource by your side, life would be a lot easier. All the ten options that we discussed here are good choices to make. 

But Minspy is definitely the best one as it is ultra-modern and offers more than other options. So, use it and remain tension free. 

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