Hello Friends, Today, i come with an article to help you all to access blocked sites or youtube channels that all are banned in your country or sometimes in colleges.

Think if you try to Search Your favourite video on youtube and suddenly get a display message saying that ” the video is unavailable in your country” and you are like shit, what happens. So in this post i will tell you how you can unblock blocked websites in your college or your country by using VPN.

access blocked sites
Rocket VPN App

What is VPN

VPN is a Virtual Private Network it just help you to view blocked web pages by changing your ip address we can say it just make websites fool that you are from different country  Isn”t it..cool Yeah! it is

If you want to become a hacker then anonymity is your best army tool , you can try this app.

Are you curious to know more about  ip addresses then read this: Introduction to IP Addresses and DNS

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How To Access Blocked Sites Using Rocket VPN App

What Is Rocket Vpn?

But Wait…it is not an easy task to choose a good vpn as they all cost high, But We all loves Freewares
So Here i Come With a Free VPN  which helps us to access blocked sites by offering 500 mb per month with rocket speed though it name says it all as it is Rocket Vpn. Recently I found this awesome app so i want to share it with our users

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Rocket vpn is a free app available on google play store as we already told you that it is a freeware Developed by Liquidium. it is already downloaded by millions of people on playstore as it is a giant in vpn.

And the best thing about this app is that i does not require rooted device

Functions Of Rocket VPN

Apart From Virtual Private Network Rocket VPN Provide Some Other Awesome Features THat Are Worth To It


access blocked sites tech

There is an inbuilt functional browser with lot of features named Rocket Browser, think the moment at which you try to access blocked sites in your college wifi and DONT Want to loose your precious internet data then the best solution for all is rocket browser.

the rocket browser helps us all to visit our favourite internet website under a virtual private network. just put your website url in the url box and it will launch website in inbuilt browser of rocket vpn.

sometimes people use to visit same website again and again so to help them rocket browser also have a feature to mark your regular visiting websites as favourite so you no longer need to type url again and again and at the same time it have history button too.


access blocked sites app

Imagine You Want To Watch Your Favourite USA TV Shows On Their Youtube Channel But That Is Not Available For Your Country So This Feature Of Rocket VPN Helps You In This Case. Just Select Youtube App From There And Select Them To Load From The Location You preferred. in this case you will select usa server.

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access blocked sites-home

There is an easy to use inbuilt usage meter in the rocket vpn to help us knowing how much bandwidth we consumed and how much is left it keep us notified throughout the month on  internet usage.

Follow the Steps to Download And Setup

Step #1. first Go to Play Store and search for Rocket VPN and install it or you can download it by clicking here.

Step #2. open the app then you will come to the main screen of the app and select location you preferred from the drop down menu.

access blocked sites servers

Step #3. Then it will ask your permissions while creating a vpn network on your mobile just grant the permissions.

access blocked sites permissions

Step #4. Now you are done just click on connect and Allow Rocket VPN to create a vpn network.

Step #5. Now you are ready to access blocked sites.

access blocked sites-connected

NOTE : The countries with super speed will be showed by green signals and low speed countries will be showed by yellow signals you can connect with your favourite country ip address by just using one tap.


500 mb under vpn connection is enough but still there are options to get unlimited data at the negotable price of rs 281 per month.this is available in the inbuilt app purchase option within the app.
purchasing unlimited will remove all ads from the applications
and there is a good offer for you all if you want to use it for long term you can purchase three months subscription getting 25% off and one year subscription getting 50% off
you can access your purchased subscription by logging into google account you used for buying unlimited

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  • The VPN connection is blazing Fast
  • There Is Free 500 mb use for each month
  • unlimited data can also be purchased
  • Individual app ip changing feature
  • Inbuilt Rocket Browser
  • user selected destinations

Since,i am using this from last 2-3 months. its working great on my REDMI 2.

So, I think Rocket vpn is a good vpn app to get some anonymity free of cost and to access blocked sites anonymously. You should also try your hand on this app i will make you sure you will not regret it.
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