These days getting success is not easy as it was in earlier times. Staying updated with latest news, current affairs and market srategy is the need of time.Books are not enough for all so, online learning is the easiest solution of this need. thats why in this article i will share best android apps for competitive exams.

android apps for competitive exams
Best android apps for Competitive Exams

You can easily save your precious time by using android apps for competitive exams. there are so many apps for competitive exam preparation including gk apps for can get maths shortcut for competitive exams and best app for competitive english after going through our list of best android apps for competitive exams.

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android apps for competitive exams-math tricks

This is the one of the best android apps for competitive exams to speed up our calculations and to improve our mathematics skills. it’s a mindblowing android app to learn Mathematics with fun. you can easily learn maths shortcut with this android application for competitive exams. it comes with many advanced options including :

Single Player – the single player category have four options: to the bitter end, minute challange, speed chalange and you can even set no time challange. you can set the difficulty level according to your maths skills.

Multiplayer – In the multiplayer category you can even challanged your friends online to compete with your friends and get their skill checked.

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Joint game – In the joint game category there i s a splitting of screen so that two players can solve the maths problem simultaneously the quicker you will solve more points you will get.

Training mode – in the training mode you can learn the basic mathematics it is basically to help kids. in the training mode you can simply learn addition, substaraction annd so on.

By heart – the by heart category lets you easily learn tables.

So, if the mathematics is the subject which is scaring you, now its your time to challenge mathematics by using this android app for exam preparation .i will make you sure you will not regret after using this app to learn maths shortcut for competitive exams.

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2)Aptitude test

android apps for competitive exams-Aptitude

This is the best android apps for the competetive exams to check your is the powerhouse for any of the competitive exams you are preparing for. it let you check your aptitude for SBI PO exam, SSC and so has seven advanced options that include :
I. Formulae
II. Solved problems
III. Practice
IV. Weekly tests
V. Daily test
VI. Online test
VII. Tips and Tricks

it comes with a great option to customize it according to suit your preferences.there is a practice mode available for you all that let you choose the category that you want to focus more such as area,profit and loss and so on. all of that organized for you in this best android apps for competitive exams.

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While doing a live tests, you have many advanced options including 50:50 which let you choose two options in a multiple choice question, A note pad for rough work , formula and concepts table and deatailed explanation of the problem. you can also bookmark questions for your future reference and the main thing is their is a beautiful presentation of your performance in the format of a cool pie chart.

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3) GK for SSC IBPS and IAS Exams

android apps for competitive exams-gk

Are you aspiring for any competitive exam then this is one of the best android apps for competitive exams for you. whether you are preparing for SBI PO Exam, GATE or Any CTET,THIS APP for competitive exam preparation will surely help you to prepare.

It will have full potential to sharpen our gk skills, on all the curret topics. in this app you can also post your questions and queries and get answer of them by other users using that app.if you are too lazy to post your own questions then you can check previously asked questions with their answers.the application also has a notification feature you have to just select your exams and you will be keep notified about that app.

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android apps for competitive exams-grade up

Grade up is a high rated in list of best android apps for competitive exams with the rating 4.5 on googleplay store.this app is designed for the preparation of IBPS, IAS and so many competitive exams. this android app for the competition provide the practice set of many competitive exams with full explanatory answers. we can also clear our doubts and queries by asking questions in the app and we will get our answers from other users and experts.

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5)SBI PO Exam Preparetion

android apps for competitive exams-SBI PO Exam Preparetion

it is a popular app for the preparation of sbi po exam preparation listed in our list of best android apps for competitive exams.the app has created by the madlab guys for the preparation of sbi po examination. it is a light weight android app wich requires android 2.3 or higher.this app has a clear user interface with latest stuff updated for preparation of the competitive exams. it also provide previous year competition papers to watch from.

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So, friends how would you like our list of best android apps for competitive exams. if anyone has any query related comment here i will happy to help you.

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