Between the demise of traditional copper wire landline and the global dominance of the smartphone, the world embraced a de facto way of making calls through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers. This new method of making calls was not only low-cost but also more practical due to the many features offered by it. To this day, it is now a preferred calling solution for business and residential purposes around the world.

Why we need VoIP service Providers?

VoIP services are extensively used at homes. Since the internet is available everywhere, it is more convenient to have a cordless calling facility at home than to pay for the separate wire and installation fees that come with a landline. And most of all, you get a crystal clear calling facility by paying a paltry amount in exchange.

Though commonly used at homes, VoIP services are more popular for business purposes. The reason why top VoIP service providers are widely used in business services is that of the administrative control they offer through various features to conduct their business operations. Another reason is that it is a cheaper calling solution to paying for multiple landlines for the business.

Characteristics of top VoIP service providers

There are different VoIP service providers in the market with varying features. But if you are looking to get one, look out for the following characteristics before you make a final decision:

  1. Features: The features offered by VoIP services vary from brand to brand. Before you buy a VoIP service, decide if you want to use it for business or residential purpose. Then look out for the features that can help you in your business operations or for home use.
  1. Quality: This might sound clichéd but remains significant in selecting the right VoIP service. So it is important that the service you choose delivers high-quality calls every time you use it.
  1. Support: Though VoIP services do not require maintenance as required in landline services, it is crucial to have a good support system to address your problems especially if you are subscribing for a business plan.

While there are several VoIP services available online ranging from free to paid ones, finding the right one is what matters. We have come across AXvoice as a useful alternative to the top VoIP service providers in the market, let us review its services and what it offers.

AXvoice Review: An Inexpensive Alternative to High-end VoIP Service Providers
AXvoice Review: An Inexpensive Alternative to High-end VoIP Service Providers

How to setup AXvoice

It is not difficult to set up AXvoice. In fact, it only takes a few minutes before you start using the AXvoice calling services. It follows the same basic procedure as used by the other VoIP services. To start with, you need to have a good internet connection at your place. The next thing needed would be an active phone connection at home.

When you subscribe to the AXvoice, it sends you a device which is connected to the phone and your internet router. After you connect the two devices with AXvoice box, it instantly starts working. It is a plug and play device so you don’t need to install or do any configuration settings to use it.

Packages offered by Axvoice

Axvoice has developed different packages for different user-base. It has divided its VoIP packages into three broad categories. These categories further offer separate plans. Here are their details.

  1. Axvoice Residential
  2. Axvoice Business
  3. International Plans

Axvoice Residential

The residential category has been further divided into three different plans for domestic users.

  1. Pay As You Go Plan: This is the most basic plan for those who want to use a VoIP service at their home. Unlike some other VoIP service providers, all the incoming calls in this plan are free which means you can listen to as many calls as you like without paying anything. The rest of the calls including the outgoing and forwarded calls are charged at 1.5c per minute. The price of this plan is $4.99 per month. Since the plan comes with all the standard calling features, this plan is a good value for money.
  1. US/Canada 200: The next plan in the residential category comes with a bonus 200 outbound minutes. The good thing is that you get these minutes for calling US and Canada by paying just a dollar more than the Pay As You Go Plan. As for the calls after the consumption of 200 free minutes, you will be charged the same as $1.5c per minute for every outgoing call. The cost of the plan is only $5.99 per month.
  1. US/Canada Unlimited: The final package in this category is for those who love to talk for hours while lying on their couch. Those of you who want to make unlimited calls should go for this package as it offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls anywhere in US and Canada. The price of this package is slightly higher than the previous two. You have to pay $8.25 per month but with this price, there are some added benefits like free call forwarding.

Axvoice Business

Business packages are designed for small and medium businesses. There are two plans that fall under this category.

  1. Small Office Home Office Plan (SOHO): Those of you who have just started their business from their home must go for this one. Any new business cannot pay over the odds for a service due to limited resources. Axvoice’s SOHO plan has been designed in a way that it provides the right level of calling services without charging a good sum. The first feature of this package is that it provides a hosted IP service for home working professionals. The price of this package has been set low due to the entry-level business market segment it caters to. Axvoice’s SOHO plan costs only $14.99 per month and includes all the standard calling features. The good thing is that you get 200 free minutes with this package for calling anywhere in US and Canada. Any additional call will be charged 1.5c per minute.
  1. Small Business VoIP Plan: This is a low-cost voice calling plan for small businesses. Businesses who have just started need calling plans that are not expensive and also offer fast calling services for better communication. This one is just right for them for it comes with 1500 free minutes to call anywhere in US and Canada. This plan this plan is good for small businesses or home-based startups. You can avail this plan for only $29.99 per month for a yearly plan. You also do not need to pay any installation charges as well. The equipment is also offered free of charge with this plan.

International Plans

There are separate plans for those who frequently call at international destinations. Here are the two international dialling plans offered by Axvoice.

  1. Residential International: This package covers more than 45 international destinations and has more than 30 calling features. The cost of this package is $19.99 per month if you subscribe for a yearly plan. Additionally, you can enjoy unlimited calls to anywhere in US and Canada by subscribing to this package.
  1. Residential International Plus: If you frequently ma international calls then you can opt for this plan. It covers more than 60 international destinations. The best part is that you can make unlimited HD calls with clear voice quality. The price of this package is $29.99 per month. All the calling features come as default with this plan, you don’t have to pay anything on the top.  

This is a chart showing details of different calling plans offered by Axvoice.

Axvoice Calling Packages

Calling Plans

Per Minute Charges

Free Minutes

Price per month


Pay As You Go




US/Canada 200




US/Canada Unlimited









Small Business





Residential International

Unlimited calls to 45+ destinations


Residential International Plus

Unlimited calls to 60+ destinations



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Calling features of Axvoice

Axvoice offers more than 30 calling features. Here are some of the top features that comes with it.

  1. Outbound call features

  • Caller ID blocking: If you don’t want your number to show up in the recipient’s phone, then this feature can help you. It disables your caller ID in case you want to keep your number discrete.
  • Codec changes: Ideally, a high-speed internet connection is required if you want to enjoy the optimal VoIP services. But in case your internet connection is slow, Axvoice provides its users with the option to switch to lower codecs for better reception.
  1. Incoming call features

  • Simultaneous ring: If you don’t want to miss on every call that comes to your number, then you can set up to 3 numbers for receiving your business calls by using this feature.
  • Call filter: There are certain calls that we all want to hear on our personal numbers instead of keeping our business number. This feature route calls from those numbers from an Axvoice phone to your cell phone number.
  1. Advanced features

  • Web-based account: Axvoice makes it easy for you to make any changes to your calling experience through its web-based account.
  • Free in-network calling: Make unlimited calls to any Axvoice number in your calling list or business network without paying anything extra.

You will find numerous VoIP service providers but there are trade-offs at every price point. This holds true for Axvoice that offers the right VoIP services to small businesses and residential users through its flexible calling plans. Selecting the right plan depends on your budget and the size of your company. Overall, Axvoice makes a strong case for small business and home VoIP users.


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