A few years back we don’t have many options to run Android apps on PC. Bluestacks and youWave were the only options to run Android apps on PC, but in this modern era, Technology is continuously evolving, now you have many free and Best Android Emulator for PC. Hold on guys, Let me reveal, the best of the best android emulator for PC.

best android emulator for PC
Best Android Emulator For PC To Run Android Apps

You may have read many tutorials on the internet on how to run apk files on your PC, but using an Android emulator is one the best way available easily, and here are some of the best android emulator for PC which I personally use when needed.

Best Android Emulator for PC to Run Android Apps

We have best android emulators for pc to run Android applications and to play android games on pc but selecting the best android emulator according to your need is quite a tough task sometimes.

  •  Some of these android emulators are free, others are paid.
  •  Some work only on windows, others are available for mac too.
  •  Some emulators need a graphics card, others don’t.

Take a look below you now have some of the Best Android Emulators for PC to Run Android Apps, So, I will tell you the pros and cons of the best android emulators for pc available in the market.

1. Bluestacks App Player

best android emulator for PC bluestacks

Bluestacks is a popular android emulator to run Android apps and to play android games on pc. Bluestack is probably the first android emulator that makes us able to run android apps on pc. Bluestack is the preferable android emulator since its launch it is due to the fact that BlueStacks does his job pretty well.

best android emulator for PC-bluestacks screen
However, there are two major issues with Bluestacks::
It requires a powerful hardware and a good graphics card to work properly that’s the reason it lags mostly on the system having low hardware configuration. so, the thing is you need a good hardware to get most of the Bluestack android emulator.
Another issue is that It has two versions now one paid and another free. in the free version, you get annoying ads which require you to daily download a sponsored app otherwise you have to pay 2$ per month as a subscription fee to get rid of downloading their sponsored app daily. so, if you can adjust with their sponsored apps this one is a good choice otherwise you can pay 2$ per month.

 Download Here

2. Youwave Android Emulator

best android emulator for PC youwave

While talking about the best android emulator for pc the name of YouWave also comes to our mind, after a great demand of Bluestacks, YouWave android emulator made its entry in the market. Youwave now comes in two android versions ICS and Lollipop.While comparing it with Bluestacks android emulator for pc it puts very less memory load on your system. Installation is buttery smooth in compare to Bluestack app player and it doesn’t require heavy hardware configuration or a working graphic card. it also works great on a system having low hardware configuration. it is just a great emulator to run Android applications on your pc if you are running on low hardware configuration.

best android emulator for PC youwave screen
Youwave is a great android emulator. however, the cons of this android emulator are that you can have the problem while playing games like temple run but WhatsApp and Instagram are buttery smooth and the second thing is that the lollipop updated version of this android emulator charges 30$ per month which is pretty high for some of us.
So, if you can pay 30$ per month then you can try youWave having lollipop version or if you need free android emulator you can try your hand on YouWave ICS version you will not regret it.

 Download Here

3. ManyMo

best android emulator for PC manymo

ManyMo is the best emulator in terms of an online android emulator for pc we have in 2016. It is online android emulator supporting multiple Android versions. ManyMo is the useful tool for Android developers. it just removes the tough task of developers to cross-check android applications on multiple Android platforms. Setting up this online android emulator is pretty easy.

best android emulator for PC manymo screen
It is just an awesome android emulator as it works inside our internet browser but the thing is that it cannot run heavy android applications and need a high-speed internet connection. it’s not free, as the trial version offers 10 times limited launch per month.
we can not say it the best Android emulators for pc but it’s an online android emulator useful for the android app developers.

So, if you are an Android developer it will surely help you out.

Status: No longer active

 Download Here

4. Andyroid

Andyroid is the best android emulator for PC in terms of enjoying the pure android experience and the most important thing is that it is completely free, you don’t need to spend a single penny for this android emulator, it runs on virtual machine preloaded with it. as it works on stock android that’s it taste like pure android device. It’s an android emulator having multiple customization features, you can even set wallpapers, widgets and so on.

best android emulator for PC andyroid
However, it has some major cons as it is not easy to install and run this android emulator easily, from sources, we come to know that this android emulator installs spyware in the system and uses a lot of system resources which may slow down your pc.
so, the thing is that you can try this android emulator if you have high configuration pc and can survive if it installs spyware in the background.

 Download Here

5. Genymotion

At Last the beast is here and the main thing it’s completely free. It is the best android emulator for PC in 2016. it is better then what you can expect from an android emulator to be.it works on all PC platforms whether we talk about Linux, Mac or windows it works buttery smooth on all. the thing that makes it a beast in android emulators is that it runs easily incomparable to other android emulators.it can run heavy games easily. overall its a best android emulator currently available in the market.

best android emulator for PC genymotion

It is the best android emulator for PC currently in the market but some of the problems we can face are, it does not have Playstore preloaded we have to sideload the play store apk. It is a little bit challenging while setting up Genymotion but once you set it up you will forget other android emulators.

Download Here


So, guys, these are the Best Android Emulators For PC I personally use. Comment your favorite one and do let your friends know about the best android emulator for PC available freely, you can also tell me about other emulators in the comments so that I can add them to this list. If you like it subscribe to the mailing list and get the upcoming posts directly into your inbox.

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