Recently I’ve published top android apps for hacking as well as the best apps to hack in-app purchases and get free credits and loots. Now we will discuss something similar yet different.

A thing that surely excites most of the people, irrespective of age, is gaming. The mobile gaming scene seems to be on boom now especially after the release of games like PUBG and Freefire.

We have seen a lot of trends come and go, but the trend of PUBG seems to be everlasting. If this is the way how it continues then no doubt, mobile gaming will be the next big thing that people wouldn’t have imagined themselves.

Games can be exciting that can boost your adrenaline but at times they can be frustrating also. A lot of us would have encountered situations in various games when we are unable to clear the level or get past something just due to the high difficulty.

If you can sit down manually to try hard and get out of that game problem, then great but if you aren’t a pro player or lack time, then you should look for an easy option or in other words, a shortcut, and i.e. best game hacking apps. 

best game hacking apps
Best Game Hacking Apps For Android in 2020

What Are Game Hacking Apps? 

The game hacking apps or game hacking tools allow you to modify or edit a game so that it works in your favour. The game hacker apps listed in this article can work for most of the offline Android games. Mostly these services directly interfere with the code of the game and then provide you with unlimited coins, gold, or whatever you had desired.

The best part of all this is that you don’t need any technical in-depth knowledge of coding or anything similar! All you need is a little knowledge to run the app and then it will handle everything on its own. 

Client-side Games vs Server-side Games

Before we begin further, it’s important to understand the games that can be hacked and which can’t be. If we have to explain in easy and brief language, then are mainly two types of games, client sided and server sided.

In client-side games, the data is stored on your device whereas, in the case of server-sided games, the data is stored on the servers in an encrypted form. The fact is that client-sided games are actually easy to hack but when it comes to server-side, things become a lot difficult as it’s hard to reach out to the servers.

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Gaming is just like any other passion and the good thing about passion is that isn’t bound by any rules or age limit. So go ahead, and use these services to upgrade your gameplay, trick your opponents and enjoy to the fullest.

Lastly, just remember to not get into any sort of trouble while using such services. Hacking a game is not a big crime but you never know when a company may decide to take some actions. To be safe and sound, use the app wisely, keeping certain consequences in mind. 

The below-listed apps will work for most of the client-sided games. For online games, they won’t be able to change up a lot of things but to some extent, they may be able to interfere with the system memory which could do your work. Let’s begin now! 

Top 5 Best Game Hacking Apps

There are hundreds of such hacking apps and each one of them claims to be the best. To save time and make the journey easier for you, we decided to bring out an article that presents the best game hacking apps for android in 2020.

1) Xmodgames 

If you had been looking for a game hacking app that works well for modern games then it has to be undoubtedly Xmodgames apk. The app is mainly for rooted devices and it’s one such app that works even for online games like Clash of Clans, Pokémon GO, Clash Royale, Minecraft, to name a few. Xmodgames latest version is expert in increasing stuff and tweaking various game features including your levels, powers, etc. 

best game hacking apps-xmodgames
XmodGames Android App

One thing that makes this app stand out from others is its user-friendly interface. Trust us, you are bound to fall in love with it! It works on an overlay basis while you are playing the game. It’s not like other outdated mobile gaming hacking apps where you don’t receive any updates for ages. Here, the working is fast and you are bound to receive regular updates, which ensures smooth working of the app with most of the games out there. 

Features In Brief:

  • Works for most of the online games that are popular like Clash of Clans, Minecraft, etc. 
  • A modern game hacking that was badly needed. 
  • It works mainly on rooted devices only. 
  • Easily download and run bots. 

2) Lucky Patcher 

If you haven’t heard about Lucky Patcher, then seriously you are living in some other world. It’s one of the most popular and recommended app when it comes to hacking games on Android. The app is not only limited to just hacking games, but it’s also a lot more than that. Download latest version of Lucky Patcher 2020 to witness the power of this amazing everlasting app. 

best game hacking apps- lucky patcher
LuckyPatcher Android App

The Lucky patcher apk functions on both rooted and non-rooted devices. For the non-rooted devices, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can remove license verification, ads, modify app and game data, use pre-coded modes, and much more. For the rooted devices, the opportunities are endless. You are free to modify system apps like Google Play Store and perform operations faster. 

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Features In Brief:

  • It lets you perform level emulation 
  • It’s more than a game hacking app. Lucky Patcher apk is an overall hacking tool that works for almost every app. 
  • It lets you install and uninstall apps. 
  • It can patch most of the ads in games so that you can enjoy the seamless experience. 

3) SB Game Hacker 

An app that gives tough competition to Lucky Patcher has to be SB Game Hacker. It gives you enough freedom to hack any game and win it in style. Easily break into the game system and increase coins, lives, scores or points. It can get rid of annoying ads and help you to bypass license verification.

best game hacking apps-sb game hacker
SB Game Hacker Android App.

In the SB game hacker apk, there was a feature of slowing down speed which actually caught our attention. This feature may look useless to you at the moment but once you think about it in a little detail, you will understand that it can come a lot handy for games like Temple Run, Flappy Bird, etc. Overall, it’s a great ad-free experience app that will let the user run games smoothly and perform the preferred cheats. 

Features In Brief:

  • Works for most of the online games including Hay Day, Clash Royale, etc. 
  • It will let you earn unlimited coins, gold, gems, lives, etc. 
  • SB game hacker 2020 gives you the freedom to hack any certain area of a game 
  • It’s completely free to use with no ads 

4) Cheat Engine 

Cheat Engine dates back to the PC days and if you been into PC game hacking then for sure you would try or hear

about this software. The developers made the program’s entry even into the Android platform as an open-source app after a lot of demand. It includes many essential tools that would make your experience of hacking games reach to the next level. As of now, the app is totally free of cost to download and try. 

best game hacking apps-cheat engine
Cheat Engine Android App

The cheat engine app for Android no root searches the Internet for modifications and probably that’s what makes this app stand out from the rest. The game hacker app can edit most of the game features right from adding weapons to building more obstacles for opponents. Cheat Engine apk isn’t much developed and advanced like the PC version but it’s enough to hack most of the features of the Android games. 

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Features In Brief:

  • The ‘Fast Run’ feature lets you scan game memory 
  • It’s easy to understand and one can use it for unlimited times 
  • Easily adjust the difficulty level of games 
  • Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. 

5) Game Killer 

A technical game hacker app that provides a lot of features that may be hard to understand for normal users but when it comes to the usage, it’s simple as hell! A lightweight app known by the name Game Killer is what you need to download if you desire to modify games for coins, gems, etc. This Game Killer apk full version has been developed in such a way that it can work seamlessly on old Android devices also. 

best game hacking apps-game killer
Game Killer Android App

The app runs in the backgrounds and injects codes to modify the values that you desire. It stays on the screen as a semitransparent icon which you can place anywhere. One is free to use the service and select any game from the list of services whenever required. Just get a little knowledge on, how values work and other similar things and you are good to go! If you have used Cheat Engine then this app will be an easy treat for you. 

Features In Brief:

  • A little technical but worth the time if learned to use properly 
  • It provides you value scan with vague directions 
  • Easily save and load various edits and addresses 
  • Works on most of the old and new Android versions. 


We hope that the above-listed game hacker apps will prove to be helpful to you. Just try out these apps and do let me know in the comments how you find this article useful and until then read more, try more, hack more.

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