Communication is an efficient tool for the success of a business. As technology has enhanced over time, geographical territories and borders cannot hold and contain business and its activities. This is where newer and better methods of business communication have evolved over time.

For business owners, having a fax facility has become imperative. Many State organizations only accept fax as a legible platform. Further, the fax continues to be the most trustworthy platform for sending and receiving information.

But, you do not need a fax machine to send or receive a fax. Google Fax Free has turned out to be the most reliable, trustworthy, and secure way to communicate for businesses. It further adds value and better functionality to your business.

Best Free Online Fax Service: CocoFax

In business parlance, you cannot risk your communication and secrets to be leaked. While almost all communication services are hackable and traceable, CocoFax continues to ensure absolute safety in conduct.

While there are many online faxing service providers now, but you cannot rely on just any random app for your business communication. CocoFax has established a satisfied clientele of businesses and corporates who vouch for its awesome interface.

Simplified Faxing

With CocoFax, you can attain all benefits of a fax machine, without even buying one. Buying a fax machine and maintaining a fax machine is a financial struggle in itself. This is why CocoFax is so preferred by businesses as it even functions better than even having a real fax machine.

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You can send and receive fax in a totally remote way. The application also offers you a free trial run wherein you can check your level of comfort with CocoFax. It offers a 30 day free trial period. It is a genuine trial period and has no hidden costs.

During this period, you can avail of all services and you can even cancel the subscription within the trial period, if not satisfied. However, every prudent business owner would only subscribe to this platform immediately because it ensures perfect communication.

Remote Communication

The year 2020 was a learning curve in multiple aspects. People couldn’t go to the office, courier services weren’t working and communication was efficiently jeopardized. It was also a point of realization for many businesses if they should lessen their reliability on office infrastructure?

This is where CocoFax’s online faxing service enables businesses and employees to work remotely. Business communication could continue to run at a normal pace despite the non-function of many communication resources.

Free Fax Number

Applying for a fax number could take a toll on your time, patience, and productivity. You could get a lot of work done in the meantime you wait for your fax number. With CocoFax, you get a fax number almost immediately.

Therefore, you cross another item off your list when you subscribe to CocoFax. You attain a fax number immediately without having to apply and wait for the application to be approved.

Cost Efficiency

Why waste paper in sending paper faxes when you can send one online? This was a question the answer to which helped businesses save a lot of costs concerning operations and resources.

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Your businesses can function without worrying about the proliferating stationery cost, fax machine investment, and the general wear and tear that comes along. It also saves substantial costs in sending out faxes. So, sending faxes throughout the world becomes much more spontaneous and cost-effective than it ever was.

Sending and Receiving Fax through CocoFax

Having stated about the absolute ease that comes with CocoFax, let us understand how you can send and receive faxes through CocoFax in a time-efficient manner.

The prerequisite to this step is that you have a CocoFax subscription, an internet compatible device and stable internet. If you’ve checked this list, then you can send faxes through CocoFax almost immediately.

Fax through Email

This is the most preferred way, as it offers utter ease in functioning. All you need to do here is to add the suffix to a fax number in the ‘recipient’ or ‘to’ column. To simplify, every fax’s email address would be (numeric digits of fax number)

You just need to add the fax document as an attachment to the mail and the moment you hit send, the fax would transcend through two different platforms of communication, i.e. digitized to analogue telephonic mode.

CocoFax is compatible on all major email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. This is the simplistic way as it also sends delivery notifications. When an email is received, it just appears in your inbox, and this ensures that no fax is ever missed.

Fax through Microsoft Office 365

In addition to mailing through Outlook, Microsoft office 365 can also be used as a very convenient mode of sending out fax. In a Microsoft word document, you can add CocoFax as a feature and it shall appear as a ribbon on the home and description of the sheet.

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When you have opened a document that you need to send, you can just click on the ribbon and it will automatically take you to the CocoFax sign in. On confirmation, your fax will be sent.

Fax through Dashboard

CocoFax’s dashboard is an effortlessly efficient platform. It can be accessed from computer, desktop, laptop and even smartphones. It acts like a database of all sent and received faxes. You can access the dashboard to send and receive faxes as per your convenience.


CocoFax continues to amaze its clientele because of the versatility of the application. It does not bottleneck businesses with just one way of functioning and operating. Google Fax Free has earned a lot of accolades for its perfect platform like CocoFax.

For a business, faxes and cost-saving are two essential components. CocoFax brings them together and also much additional functionality that will only end up benefiting your business. So, do not waste your time and efficiency connecting to the dated fax machines. Switch to Cocofax.

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