Howdy Geeks after a long I am posting, anyway, as I have already told you that Android is the topmost mobile OS in customization, in my previous post. You can easily change or edit anything in Android, so, today in this post, I will tell you “how to change Boot Animation of your Android smartphone, why? Because default boot animations of any smartphone manufacturer are generally pretty bland and boring.

How to change Boot Animation Easily

This process requires root access to your Phone. I think if you are reading this you have successfully rooted your android smartphone if not, don’t worry I will help you to root your android device easily without PC and custom recovery. After that, you can change your boot animation and customize your phone according to you.

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What is a Boot Animation?

Boot animations are the animated clip you see while you switch on your device. By default, it’s the company name or logo that is displayed as a boot animation. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you will see a Samsung logo glowing with lots of dots all around when turning your device on. This is called boot animation. Every device has a boot animation. If you remember the Nokia handset which shows two shaking hands as a boot animation.

Why Do You Need to change your Boot Animation?

It feels boring to view the same old animation- provided by your phone’s manufacturer when booting your phone, isn’t it? I own Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE SMG313F. Whenever I restart my phone it gives me a very creepy type. So, I change the boot animation that was created by me.

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How To Change Your Boot Animation

In this tutorial, I will tell you both the successful methods that I personally use to change boot animation of Android devices. One method for changing your device boot animation is fully automated by an app that uses superuser privileges to access to the root and change/install/flash custom boot animation and one of the methods is manual that needs some attention and some brain ‘of course’ lol. Are you bit confuse? don’t worry, take a look below to change boot animation easily.

Follow this guide to change Boot Animation in Android device

Manual Method to change Boot animation

In order to change Boot animation, you need to have file manager app that can explore system files (i.e., root explorer), installed on your Android device, if you don’t have any root explorer then download from here. The Boot Animation of Android is a compressed zip file which is called, You can find this file in the media folder of your phone system folder {only on root explorer}. In this single file, all the information which is required to play the boot animation is saved. This file itself loaded when your device boots. It means changing the boot animation means editing or replacing this file on your device.

For this method(and for second also) you should have the correct file for your device. So, Browse the XDA Repository by clicking below on given the link to download one for your device or you can create one by following this guide.

More: [Boot Animation][Collection] 81 AWESOME Boot Animations

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Here are the steps to change Boot Animation of your phone

Step 1.

First of all download root browser. JRummy’s Root Browser is a good one, but you can use an alternative(fx), too.


Step 2.

change boot animation-Android-System-Media

Now open the root browser application on your device and locate your original boot animation file (android boot files) ( in /system/media.

Step 3.

change boot animation-Rename-Bootanimation-file

Rename the original boot animation file to other, choose Rename and name it to bootanimation.zip1 and also create a copy of it by Long-press your current file, and click copy, as we’ll want to have a backup just in case. Keep it wherever convenient for you, I choose the SD Card.

Step 4.

After renaming the original file move the downloaded boot file and copy the zip file to /system/media.

Extra Step.

For many of you, the previous step will be the last step.
But, if for any reason you’re still stuck with your old animation, you can try aligning the permissions of your newly-copied file with the permissions in the system/media folder. Just long-press your new file and click Permissions and change them according to the screenshot.
 change boot animation-Change-Permission
Note: You have to make sure that the file name is correct ( for the system to recognize your boot animation, and boot properly.
Now you will see the two file in the media folder one is the original on which you renamed as bootanimation.zip1 and the downloaded one

Step 5.

Now reboot the device and you will be able to see your new custom boot animation!
In future, if you want to go back to the default animation, delete the current and rename the original file back to (from bootanimation.zip1).

Automatic Method to change Boot animation

[Using 3rd party apps]

Using 3rd party apps to install boot animations is very easy but I don’t recommend this because Most of the users faced issues using these apps, so it would be better to use manual methods. Even I am writing about this method because you should know all tricks(and that’s my speciality to post full tuts), follow the below steps to install/change boot animation.

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Step .1

com.jrummy.apps.boot.animationsDownload the Boot animation app from here.

Step 2.

Open the app and grant root permission if prompted.

Step 3.

change boot animation-root by app1 change boot animation-boot ani coll change boot animation-boot ani coll 2

Choose the Local tab to select the boot animation file from your SD card or internal storage. You can also select the Server tab to select the boot animations online. There are several boot animations to choose from. Also, there is a feature called randomize to show random boot animation each time you boot your phone.

Step 4.

change boot animation-root by app 2 change boot animation-root by app 3

Navigate to the custom boot animation on your device and tap on it. Select the Install option to start downloading and installing the boot animation.

Step 5.

Once the download is completed then the boot animation starts installing and once it’s done “Install complete” message will appear.

Step 6.

Reboot your device to see the new boot animation on your device.

NOTE: Please create a full nandroid backup before doing anything at the system level with your Android. I am not responsible for any kind of worst happen to your device. For more read our Disclaimer

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I hope this will help you to easily change Boot Animation in Android phone without any issues, Samsung boot animation has a different procedure, if you are a Samsung user please comment otherwise wait for my next tutorial on changing Samsung boot animations. Goodbye.

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