Cloudways is one of the most trusted and reliable web hosting services that you will ever come across in the market. In today’s time, there is a lot of competition in almost every field and similarly is in the case of web hosting providers too.

Due to so much availability options, any consumer may face trouble on deciding upon a provider. In such cases, it’s always advisable to stick with a service that’s both affordable and features packed. According to us, one of the best cloud based web hosting service has to be none other than Cloudways.

A Brief Overview

Cloudways has been there for 8+ years and in this mean time, it has evolved a lot in almost all of its aspects. The main headquarter is located in Malta, Europe. The company consists of 50+ employees and the best part of all is that, these people have got data centers situated all across the globe which just ascertains that the speed and quality won’t be compromised so easily, which maybe an issue with the other web hosting service providers.


The company has a lot to offer, including their best managed WordPress hosting that kinds of lessens the burden from the user’s shoulders. You may have not heard a lot about Cloudways but trust us they are worth your time and money. Just keep reading and in the coming sections, you will get to know about Cloudways in detail including its pricing, features, etc.

Cloudways Features That You Shouldn’t Miss:

Free Site Migration

Thanks to the ever growing competition, nothing is free in today’s time, not even your site migration. Moving a site to a cloud based web service is definitely one of the best thing that can happen to an individual or company. Not only the burden gets off from your shoulders, but also everything kind of gets done in an affordable manner only. Other services like BlueHost, charge $150 for the same thing.

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Server Monitoring

If you need any information or data related to your server then that can be easily acquired through your server monitoring. You can check for variables like incoming traffic, idle CPU, etc. Also, not to forget that the load graph on the cloud server can also be accessed pretty easily.

Platform For Developers

If you are a developer and want to perform any kind of testing or coordination of anything then Cloudways is one of the best option as it’s a proper environment for the developers. The developers can deploy infinite applications or enable the deployment from their Git repository.

For the facilitation of the scripting operations, the RESTful API can be utilized to a large extent. There’s this feature known as the built-in staging mechanism which kind of makes way for the developers to migrate their new codes into testing environment too.

Vertical Scaling

Anyone as per their needs and requirements can insert or exit any server resources at any part of the day. For example – If there’s high traffic peak on your website then you can upgrade your server plan. There’s this popular, “pay as you go” option which basically lets you pay for only what you utilize and not for anything that you even won’t be using later on.

Daily Backup and Easy Recovery

Everything is stored on a server, rather than a hard disk which simply makes recovery an easy peasy thing. The backup feature comes complimentary which takes places every day and whenever you require, in just one click, you can initiate your recovery.

How’s the Cloudways Customer Support Team?

If there has to be one aspect in which very few competitors can beat Cloudways then it has to be its Customer Support feature. Any user can reach out to the team by raising a ticket, or using email, phone or chat. If for some reason, you are looking for a fast response, then you can head to the Cloudways Bot for your assistance.

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On the other side, if you can be a little patient then you may reach out to the team by the general ways that we have mentioned above.

According to us, the chat option is best to solve out any kind of queries as the wait time is of less than 5 minutes. Overall, the executives are quite knowledgeable and experienced in their work who mostly treat you well and also assist you in the best manner possible.

Pros & Cons


  • It offers free trial period where you can test the service on your website and decide if it’s worth your hard earned money.
  • It doesn’t matter here how many websites you import. All matters is the price of the amount of the resources that you consume.
  • Cloudways is not like other companies, that make you pay for even the services that you won’t be using your entire lifetime. They follow the pay as you go model through which you pay for only what you consume (resources).
  • There are still some companies out there who make you spend your money on site migration but Cloudways is definitely not one of them. The customer team is ready to spend a considerate amount of time with you until your website isn’t transfered to the cloud servers.


  • A person who isn’t that technical and even doesn’t want to be then a cloud based web hosting like Cloudways can be a little difficult for him/her to manage. One will have to take care of a whole virtual server, which would require a certain level of knowledge and expertise.
  • Almost every web hosting service has basic services like registration of domain names and emails but it looks like that Cloudways doesn’t seem to have these as of now for some reason. So, for any of these extra services, you will have to go to a third party.
  • The company have their own console for management of anything that’s uploaded on their servers. They lack the support of cPanel, which is like a habit for most of the users. But with time, you can even get used to their own environment.
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Cloudways Pricing:

We are happy to say that the pricing of Cloudways is quite flexible and should suit every budget and size. The company follows the single payment method and the pricing depends a lot upon your chosen bandwidth, location, cloud server, storage, etc. The most affordable service is of Vultr where the subscriptions plans start from $14 per month. There are other infrastructure options too including Amazon, Google and DigitalOcean, but not to forget that their prices would also depend upon a lot on the server that you decide to go with.

The company follows the “Pay As You Go Model” which basically saves down the pockets of the users. In this type of model, an user has to only pay for what he/she uses or in words, the resources that he/she consumes. This saves down the uncessesary cost that you may have spent on the unused capacity in some other similar platform.

At the end of the day, running and maintaining a website becomes a lot economical through this service.


We recommend you wholeheartedly to go ahead with Cloudways as they are one of the most dynamic, advanced and reliable web hosting service providers. All you require is a little technicality and after that you can easily start managing your website in the most effective manner through the Cloudways services.

Lastly, if you face any queries or want to get further assistance on anything then you may reach out the customer support team of Cloudways.

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