Hello Droid geeks, Today I am going to tell you how to create boot animation easily in about 20 – 30 minutes. As I have already told you how to change your boot animation on your Android device, some of the readers requested me to write, how they can create boot animation yourself [DIY]. So, I am here, first of all, you should know what boot animation is, take a look below to understand the basics before going to create boot animation that I also post in my previous article.

How to Create Boot Animation Easily

What is a Boot Animation?

Boot animations are the animated clip you see while you switch on your device. By default, it’s the company name or logo that is displayed as a boot animation. Let’s take an example of Samsung boot animation, if you have a Samsung Galaxy, you will see a Samsung logo glowing with lots of dots all around when turning your device on. This is called boot animation. Every device has a boot animation. If you remember the Nokia handset which shows two shaking hands as a boot animation. There are so many boot animations available on the internet (on XDA Developers) but having your own boot animation is pretty more professional that is why I going to teach you how to create boot animation easily.

Resolution of your Boot Animation

  • Most high-end Android devices with large screens usually have a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and called HDPI.
  • Some mid-range devices have a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and are called MDPI.
  • Some low-end devices have 340 x 320 pixels and these are called LDPI.
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If you install boot animation made for a lower resolution device will run fine on a high-resolution one but it will be centred on the screen, with the extra screen space around it not being used.
Using a high-resolution boot animation on a low-resolution device will result in the boot animation not fully displaying on the screen, with its outer parts being cut-off due to being outside the screen’s bounds.

Why Do You Need to change your Boot Animation?

It feels boring to view the same old animation- provided by your phone’s manufacturer- when booting your phone, isn’t it? I used to hate mine until I found out a new trick that gives you the power to choose the animation that appears on the boot screen. This new animation you chose does not come with your phone; you create it and customize to make sure that you enjoy looking at your phone’s boot screen.

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Trust me it is very easy to create boot animation very easily by simply following this article

Follow these Steps to create boot animation easily

There are many boot animation creator you can find online but I prefer you to create boot animation manually by simply following this tutorial.

Things You’ll Need to create boot animation of your’s very own.

  1. a PC (very very recommended to create boot animation….of course)
  2. Any photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop is the best choice)
  3. A text editor (i am using Windows Notepad)
  4. A file compressing software, to produce a zip file of the boot animation you create (WinRAR or WinZip Recommended)

First of all, you have to create graphics you want to include in your custom boot animation in adobe photoshop or any photo editing software you like, in the forms of images one by one in JPG or PNG formats. If already created then move towards the main step.

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Step 1: Create two folders, and name them part0 and part1.

create boot animation-folders
Create Two Folders Named part0 and part1

In part0 folder put the image/images that you want to appear on the whole duration of the boot animation.
In part1, put those images that you want to be repeated, the number of times you want in the animation.

Please note that, for this process to work, the images on both folders must be in PNG or JPG formats.
Step 2: Using your text editor of choice, create an info.txt file.

create boot animation-create info file
Creating info.txt File

Write the following codes on it-

480 800 30
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

Take a look below at the screenshot:

create boot animation-info.txt file
Anatomy of info.txt File
  • In the first line, 480 800 is your boot animation’s resolution. You can change it according to your device as I have already explained to you about resolution in the beginning. The number 30 represents the speed at which the boot animation will be played. You can change the speed as you wish.
  • The second line sets the properties for the folder part0 you had created. The first number-1- is the duration that the images in that folder will be repeated, and in this case, it is once. The next digit-0- is the delay between the chosen images, and in our case, it is zero.
  • The third line sets the properties of the folder part1. As the case in the previous folder, the first 0 is the number of times the images will be repeated, which in our case is infinite since zero represents an infinite loop. The second digit is the delay between the images, and in this case, it is 0, and press ENTER key once.
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Step 3: After making the above configuration save the text file.

create boot animation-saving info file
Saving the info.txt File

Step 4: Now you should select all the three- part0, part1 and info.txt and zip them using the WinRAR.

create boot animation-creating zip file
Select all Files and Add to Archive

Step Extra: After zipping them, check if it has a thumbs.db file created if created them delete them and zip again.

create boot animation-zip file
Finally cooked Custom Boot Animation

By following this tutorial you have successfully created your android boot files, are you ready to change android boot animation with your own created custom boot animation?

That’s it, it is very easy to create boot animation Naaa…….am I right? Let me know in comments.

My experience was not pretty good when I first started to create boot animation for my HTC Explorer a310e PICO because I have not found any detailed tutorial like this and 1 thing I want to tell that I first created matrix boot animation for Android, and that’s also my favourite one.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any kind of bad thing happen to your device. For more read our Disclaimer.


I hope this will help you to easily create Boot Animation for your Android phone without any issues.

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