Android comes in many flavors and styles, but CyanogenMod OS is a little different from the rest.


Hello Guys, We have find that the latest CyanogenMod version offers features you won’t find on a stock Android device. Also some of the features  you won’t find on any manufacturer’s custom skin.

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Cool CyanogenMod Features that stock should add

Here are the few things that you can do in CyanogenMod 13 that would be great and should be added by Google in Android N.

1. Customize Homescreen

In Google’s stock android the labels looked cluttered, the app drawer felt messy, or there was an extra search bar. Then We’ve off to install Nova, Apex, Hola or some other alternative launcher.


In CyanogenMod, The app drawer is more organized and quick to navigate. A search bar at the top lets you search only for apps. The letters at the bottom skip to those parts of the list, and the transparent background over solid white.

You can also turn off the alphabetical categorization, the search bar can disappear, you can also make the background white if you want.There’s also the option to make icons larger. Plus you can hide apps from your drawer without having to install anything extra.

2. Configure Lockscreen

Lockscreen is a matter of security. Android comes with three methods of unlocking a device: password, pin, or pattern.

Passwords offer the most variations, but patterns are easier to enter.
Most Android devices let you toggle whether to show the pin or pattern, but that is where the choices stop.Each of these security methods has a weakness. Pin codes may offer more complexity than patterns, but they can be easy to watch someone enter. Patterns seem pretty safe, until someone looks at the smudges on your screen.


For PINs, CyanogenMod 13 can scramble the location of numbers each time you turn on the screen. With patterns, you can increase the grid size from 3×3 up to 6×6. This multiplies the possible combinations many times over. You can then make the dots invisible and enter the pattern based on beep feedback, so no one knows how many dots there are.
This feature is the best ways to protect the data on our most personal device.

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3. Hide Status Icons

Phone manufacturers and carriers love cramming extra icons into the status bar.
In Stock Android alarm clock icon appears whenever an alarm is set. If you create an alarm to wake up every  morning, then that alarm clock icon never goes away. Alarm clock icon is just an example there are so many unnecessary icons floating on the satusbar.


CyanogenMod 13 let us to show or hide the icons we want.

4. Tint Screen Red at Night

The blue light that radiates from our screens isn’t good for our sleep. We can solve this by filtering that light and turning our displays a more natural red instead.
There are plenty of apps available that get the job done. But with CyanogenMod, there’s no need to go hunting for one. The option comes built-in. Turning it on is as easy as setting your phone to change screen brightness based on your surroundings.


CyanogenMod calls this feature LiveDisplay. It’s available as a quick toggle, but you can make further adjustments under Settings.

5. Edit Power Menu

On stock Android, the menu that appears when you hold down the power button is useless. You get one option, to turn off your device. A menu with only one choice makes no sense. If Google is set on this being how the power button works, at least turn this into a prompt instead. Are you sure you want to turn off your device?
Samsung and others keep some of Android’s old options around in the power menu. These include the ability to restart or activate airplane mode.


CyanogenMod does this too, but it also lets you pick which items go on the list. Never use airplane mode? Get rid of it. Want an option to take a screenshot rather than hold down the power and volume buttons? Add it in. Make the power menu what you want it to be.

6. Change Your Theme

Search the Play Store for an icon pack. They’re everywhere. But you need to install an alternative launcher to use any of them.Right?
CyanogenMod doesn’t stop at app icons. You can alter the notification panel, the navigation bar, and interface colors. There are many themes floating around the Play Store that only work if you’ve installed a custom ROM. You can also take matters into your own hands and create a CyanogenMod theme yourself.

HTC, LG, and Samsung each let you theme their phones in one way or another.

But with stock Android, there’s still no way to do this out of the box.

In CyanogenMod 13, you can add and remove quick toggles. They appear as pages, and you can reorder them as desired. Android N, will offer this too.

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We have to wait for these features to add in stock android.We may not see the features listed above appear in N, but some could arrive in later releases.

Will Google should add these features in stock Android.What you say ?

Give your precious feedback in comments and share if you care.

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