Looking for a simple and fast way to create a custom logo for your website? DesignEvo can give you a helping hand. It is a drag and drop, online logo design tool which can help you make appealing and pro-looking logos in an extremely simple way. It has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface that anyone can use it with no hassles.

DesignEvo- Best Logo Design Tool

DesignEvo Helps You Make a Beautiful Logo for Your Website and App Easily,

DesignEvo- Best Free Online Logomaker Tool Review
DesignEvo- Best Free Online Logomaker Tool Review

Pre-made Logo Templates

DesignEvo provides you with a wide range of elaborately designed logo templates. There are more than 3,000 logo templates available, and they are classified into different categories like Technology, Art, Animal, Fashion, Nature, etc. You can browse these pre-made logo templates for inspiration, or just directly use them to start your logo designing if you have no idea to make a logo from scratch. Besides, every template can be fully customized. So you can freely play around with colours, fonts, sizes, layers, effects, or whatever to get it a unique looking.

DesignEvo- Pre-Made Logo Templates
DesignEvo- Pre-Made Logo Templates

High-Quality Logo Icons and Fonts

DesignEvo has an extensive built-in database, offering millions of logo icons to choose from. All the icons are packed with high resolution, so you can freely magnify them without the fear of image blur. Moreover, you can edit your logo text with over a hundred of fonts and word art. With a large selection of free resources, building a highly engaging marketing logo couldn’t be easier.

DesignEvo- High-Quality Logo Icons And Fonts
DesignEvo- High-Quality Logo Icons And Fonts

Powerful Editing Tools

DesignEvo is featured with all the bells and whistles needed for logo creation. Just let your creativity go wild, it gives you full flexibility and freedom to turn your inner idea into real visual art. Its handy editor helps you change colour, adjust size, curve text, manage layers and add new elements within seconds. It can even automatically analysis your logo elements and generate correspondent logo layouts for you to choose from.

Preview and Download

Before download, your logo, use preview option to ensure your logo looks suitable for different situations. DesignEvo offers several real examples to help you visualize your logo, such as printed on a T-shirt, business card, wall, website, book cover, and so on. It can save you a lot of time and energy. Speaking of logo output, it supports unlimited logo downloads in the high-resolution format without any watermark. Your download logo will be packed into a zip file, which contains three logo formats- JPG, PNG and transparent-background PNG.

DesignEvo- Preview and Download
DesignEvo- Preview and Download


So, DesignEvo is a free, powerful and easy-to-use tool, makes cumbersome logo design into an interesting process. Beyond, it is totally free to use and you can get access to its whole features without sign up. Why not take a moment to have a try. You will get fabulous logo designs! Keep Visiting for more interesting things in the future, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Email Newsletter(NO SPAM).

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