Your business is at its stage of maturity but wants to launch your new product? Or you’re a start-up and want to promote your brand? Well, digital marketing is the modern and the best way to market your business via digital channels such as email marketing, search engines, social media etc.

Earlier, no one would have ever thought that even marketing can one day become digitalized. Digital marketing is the advertising of products or services through digital internet. For the best results in the digital marketing, Search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, is the most efficient technique.

What is Search engine optimization?

SEO is a process of increasing the viewers of a website by ensuring higher rank of a webpage on Google and other search engines. Marketing the business through digital channels to effectively making way to the leads, Search engine optimization or SEO Strategy does that all.

SEO provides a number of cost-effective strategies to make digital marketing of your business effective. Incorporation of strategies of SEO into the digital marketing paves the way to the success of the business. SEO strategies in digital marketing are helpful in attracting customers to your business by making the webpage of your business easily identifiable among hundreds of other brands and companies. SEO is the most effective tool to generate more leads to your business.

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Imagine the traffic flow to your website growing with each day. Sounds great, right?

So, here we provide you with a number of strategies of SEO for the best results in your business.

Types of SEO Strategies:

SEO strategies can be implemented either on the website itself or off the website.

The strategies which are used on the website for a better rank on a search engine are On page SEO.

Some of the On-page SEO strategies are:

1). Content:

If you want the user to visit your site, give them a reason. As suggested by Google, content is the no.1 ranking factor. Create and Post a high-quality content. Content includes everything that you present to your customer. So, create such content that drives viewers to explore your website.

2). Title-tag:

There are higher chances of being ranked higher if your title tag is closer to the keyword. Try to start the title tag of your web page with the selected keyword.

3). Keyword:

The selected keyword should appear in the first 100 words of your website. It increases the chances of getting your site searched easily.

4). Search-engine friendly URLs:

It is recommended to use such URLs which are easily-readable and are short. Symbols like &,! etc. might appear as a spamming link.

5). Images:

Try to make changes in Images of your website as these changes increase the chances of them helping your search engine optimization. It is therefore important to optimize the images by changing the file name of the image or adding ALT tags, or title tags, or image load time etc.

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6). The speed of site:

Boost the speed of your website. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, it is more likely that users will not visit it again. So, high site speed thus results in higher ranking.

7). Long content:

The length of the content also increases the chances of being on the 1st page of Google and other search engines. Try to post longer content as longer content has a significantly higher rank in search engine results.

8). Description tag:

This tag describes the content of your webpage. Try to use such keywords which are mostly searched by the users. Meta Description tag though won’t help a website to rank higher but it appears just below your listing. It is therefore suggested to use selected keywords that encourages the searcher to click on it.

Apart from these on page SEO, there are various off page SEO strategies which are done help rank higher in search engine results through links, relationships, content.

Off-page SEO strategies include:

1). Social bookmarking:

To increase the traffic flow to the business, the social bookmarking sites are one of the greatest platforms Once you bookmark your site on social bookmarking site, your business is more likely to increase in the number of viewers. Some of the popular bookmarking sites are Twitter, Pinterest etc.

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2). Social media:

People often use social media to learn anything about any product or service. Try to answer the queries and keep the account updated. Human to human interaction is generally expected from any business and also more preferred by the customers than responses by the robot.

3). Participating in forums:

Try to participate more in forums. Reply to questions asked by people and give your suggestions and advice to them. Make sure that you make a connection with these people.

4). Article submission:

Submit your articles in a submission directory with high public relations. Provide a link to your website in those articles. Do not provide too much of keywords in your article and include only relevant ones.

5). Create best:

If you create a product which is best in itself, you’ll receive positive feedback. More people will visit your site and you’ll generate more leads to your website.

6). Back-linking:

Sharing content attracts more viewers. Creating quality content, sharing it and reaching out to influencers helps in generating back-links to your website.

7). Document Sharing:

The document you create should be unique and attractive. It should be related to your business. You can submit these documents on popular document sharing websites like Scribd, SlideShare etc.

SEO in digital brand marketing is adopted by many brands, but how these strategies are implemented is what makes the one best among the rest. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!


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