Hello Hackers, Whats going on, Today I come up here with a list of some famous ethical hackers which are pretty good at their work.


So, In this post I will introduce some white hat hackers, No it’s not about Kevin Mitnick (who best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest but later he became an elite hacker)  but it’s about the real hackers who don’t harm anyone but making the web more secure and they are getting paid very well.

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Info of some of the best white hat hackers of all time


White Hat Hackers are security researchers are walking in step with their Black Hat siblings…

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How to Become an Ethical Hacker

Note:- This list is not in an order.Randomly Arranged

Famous White Hat Hackers across the Globe

HD MOORE chief security officer at RAPID7

The open-source penetration testing platform, the Metasploit Project, founded in 2003 by Moore as chief architect, has become one of the most influential security inventions of the era with its penetration-testing and exploits used to uncover network weaknesses…by the good, the bad and the ugly.

DINO DIA ZOVIindependent security researcher based in New York City

Zovi discovered and exploited a multi-platform security vulnerability in Apple’s QuickTime for Java in one night in order to hack a fully patched MacBook Pro to win the first Pwn2Own competition.

He also was the first to publicly demonstrate VM hyper jacking using Intel VT-x in a live demo at Black Hat 2006.

ROBERT “RSNAKE” HANSENCEO and Founder, SEC Theory Ltd.

Hansen’s manic inventiveness includes the “Slowloris” low-bandwidth denial-of-service tool, which ended up being used by anti-Iranian protesters to attack the Iranian leadership Web sites;

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Another called “Fierce” does DNS enumeration to find non-contiguous IP space to make attacking targets easier.

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GREG HOGLUNDCEO and Founder HBgary

He exposes vulnerabilities associated with the online game World of Warcraft, detailed in a book he co-authored with security expert Gary McGraw, “Exploiting Online Games.”

MARC MAIFFRETchief security architect, FIREEYE

Once the bad boy ‘Chameleon’ in hacking group ‘Rhino9,’ Maiffret luckily realized his hacking skills could be put to use in protecting Windows-based computers when, at age 17, he turned over a new leaf to co-found eEye Digital Security in 1997, working with security researchers Derek Soeder and Barnaby Jack.

JOE STEWARTdirector of threat analysis at SecureWorks

Stewart is the first to identify dangerous new code specimens and how they work, such as the elusive Clampi Trojan and how the SoBig worm was sending spam. It all gives him an unpleasantly close look at East European and Chinese cyber-gang activity.

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SHERRI SPARKS – Co-founder Clear Hat consulting

Sparks has made rootkits and stealth malware her pursuit, and at one Black Hat Conference showed how operating system-independent rootkits, such as the proof-of-concept System Management Mode-based rootkit she built with a colleague and co-founder Shawn Embleton, could be used to subvert and compromise computer networks.

CHARLIE MILLERprincipal analyst, independent security evaluators

Miller has hacked Safari for the last three years at the Pwn2Own contest, found an iPhone exploit that consisted entirely of SMS text messages, and was the first to hack Apple’s iPhone in 2007 and the Android phone in 2008. He also is credited with writing the first “virtual world” exploit for Second Life.

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JOANNA RUTKOWSKAfounder of invisible things lab

He has made it an obsession to figure out how stealth malware, such as rootkits, can be so well hidden in software and hardware that few are ever likely to find it. Her “Blue Pill” attack against Microsoft’s Vista kernel protection mechanism, which brought a crowded room of security geeks at Black Hat to a standing ovation in 2006, was just her first revelation publicly to show how easy it is for a dangerous code to hide in plain sight.

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DAN KAMINSKY security researcher and director of penetration testing at ioactive

He discovered software and service providers to patch a flaw in 2008 in the DNS protocol, which if exploited, would have led to mass disruption of the Internet. Though some argued he should have immediately disclosed the flaw, others praised his discretion in quietly working to fix the problem before it was widely publicized.

ZANE LACKEY senior security consultant, ISEC partners

He digs into flaws in mobile and VoIP systems, some of his public talks and demos about compromising VoIP systems have been so detailed that chief information security officers at major corporations said they couldn’t advocate investing in VoIP until the issues raised were addressed by vendors.

CHRISTOPHER TARNOVSKYresearch principal  engineer, flylogic

Tarnovsky makes use of specialized tools in his lab to bypass supposedly tamper-resistant hardware circuitry in semiconductors to gain root control to tap into data. According to Black Hat session, he did this recently with the Infineon processor with the Trusted Platform Module used in PCs, smart cards and even Microsoft’s Xbox. Others aren’t likely to duplicate his feats.

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Programming Languages For Hackers

SEAN MELIA (Meals) – Security Engineer at Gotham Digital Science

Mr Hack

Mark Litchfield

Clifford Trigo

Nathaniel Wakelam

Sergey Markov

Frans Rosen

Dawid Czagan



Source of some information

Some of them use alias instead of the real name that is why I am unable to find more info about them If you  know about them then please do comment below…

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How to Become an Ethical Hacker

If you want to become one of them then do start finding vulnerabilities in programs and make the world more secure.

If I have missed someone then please do comment and let me know. you can also share your favorite hackers in comments and I will add it to the list.

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