Now let’s getting  started hacking.

What does every hacker need to have?
=> A good hacker-name
=> A good OS (Operating System)
=> A good “virtual Age”
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Step 1: A Good Hacker-Name/Alias

As EVERY hacker has an alias you will definitely need one and preferably a cool looking one 🙂
Let’s start by looking at the example: Th3skYf0x. Its basically contains three words.

Pronounced as “The”.



Your alias

To create your own hacker name you gonna have to use a bit of common sense. Be original! use a combination of upper/lower case and numbers.

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Quick tip! google your name first and then decide if you still want to keep it

Step 2: A Good OS

If you think that you are only able to hack on linux based operating systems then you couldn’t be more wrong! With the right tools and skill, a windows desktop can be as dangerous as a linux desktop.
So choose wisely my fellow hackers!

Quick tip! if you running windows and you know how everything works and know about virtual machines stay on windows.

Operating systems
Windows based:
> Windows 10 {latest}

> Windows 7
> Windows vista
> Windows XP

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Mac based:
> Mac OS X {NO experience with apple}

Linux based:
> Ubuntu
> Backtrack
> Kali Linux
> Opensuse
> Debian

Quick tip!  Choose you’r OS yourself don’t let other people decides what’s the best OS for you!

Step 3: A Good “VIrtual Age”

If you want to become a “good” hacker then you need to act as one!
some things like proper use of grammer and emoticons are important.


Well thats really easy, we are not 10 years old anymore and you shouldn’t see hacking as a joke. Its more some kind of art form. In order to learn something here you’ll need to be quiet.

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