Are you spending your whole weekend in shopping for grocery or other homely items? Want to ease your shopping? Making shopping lists, checking offers, hunting for coupons takes a lot of time. What if these all are available in one place. It will be easy for you and shopping will be a fun for you.

grocery and shopping list apps for androidHere, I want to tell you about the best shopping list apps by using which you can save your valuable time.

Hold on and I make sure you’ll love the apps to make a list of your grocery and shopping items.


As I have recently published  the way you can easily run your favourite Android Apps on PC and articles like solving math problems with your smartphone camera, I love to do such kinds of stuff and share with you here on, Let’s get started to explore the best apps to create grocery list or say shopping list on your android smartphone!

Grocery and Shopping List Apps for Android Users

Let me just start with the first and foremost my favourite one;

Out of Milk

Out of Milk is a shopping list app which offers you the facility of using a number of lists, with an organised interface.

Out of Milk - Grocery & Shopping List Android App Features & Screenshot
Out of Milk – Grocery & Shopping List Android App Features & Screenshot

You can create any type on the shopping list on your smartphone, like:

Shopping List: Contains the items you need to purchase, once made can be accessed from anywhere with Out of Milk app.

Pantry List: Pantry list will always inform you about your pantry items such as spices and other items so that you may keep track of what you already have.

To do list: It will help you to keep track of your daily items list.

Now you can sync, share these lists with your family and friends and you and your family and friends can update the list in real time. Pretty simple haan!

Download on Play Store | Official Website


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Let’s move towards another awesome app to create shopping and grocery list:


Are you spending a lot of time to cook food or to collect the grocery you need to cook food?

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BigOven is the complete tool that helps you to organise your kitchen in a more easy way. Now you can access 350,000 recipes available on the BigOven anywhere. You can add your recipes also. This kitchen app for Android is great, it has many features from grocery list making to recipes database. It’s a much have android app for Students, Bachelors aas well as Moms and Housewives.

BigOven - Grocery & Shopping List Android App Features & Screenshot
BigOven – Grocery & Shopping List Android App Features & Screenshot

Following features available with BigOven are:

Grocery List: Along with 350,000 available recipes, you can add your recipe and BigOven will convert your recipe into a grocery list. This way, you need not make any list for your grocery.

Use the Leftovers Items: You can enter the list of leftover items in your fridge and BigOven will suggest you the recipe you could go for with the leftover items.

Menu Planners: With BigOven, you can plan for your food menu on weekly basis.

This way BigOven eases your shopping and helps you to avoid the situation where you find any items of your recipes is missing while cooking.

Download from Play Store | Official Website

Hold on!


Want to shrink your grocery bills? Go with Favado and cut your grocery bill almost half. Favado gives you an opportunity to compare the prices of all the items on your shopping list and provide you with the best deals across all your local grocery stores.

Favado - Grocery & Shopping List Android App Features & Screenshot
Favado – Grocery & Shopping List Android App Features & Screenshot

Favado comes with following advantages:

Coupon matchup: It is also known as a coupon match-up App. This app provides you with the coupon matches the sale price of the items on your shopping list.
For example, the Retail price of 17oz. olive oil bottle is $9.29

This app will inform you that on CVS, it is on sale with price $3.99

It will make you notice the frequently available coupons of $1 off.

Now, you could buy this bottle in $9.29 or on sale price $3.99. But Favado provides you with the best deal i.e. $3.99+ $1 off = $2.99. Great!

Favado - Grocery & Shopping List Android App Coupon Matchup
Favado – Grocery & Shopping List Android App Coupon Matchup

Saves your time and money: Based on your shopping list Favado helps you to make a decision that which grocery store has the best deals for you each week.

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Nationwide app: Favado is a worldwide app that helps you to discover the best deals across almost 65,000 grocery and drug stores.

Download from Play Store | Official Website

Ibotta: Cash Savings & Coupons

Want to earn from your purchases? Ibotta is a free mobile shopping app that provides you with the coupons and cash back on your purchases.

iBotta - Grocery & Shopping List App Coupon Matchup
iBotta – Grocery & Shopping List App Coupon Matchup

Provides an opportunity to earn: Using Ibotta, you can earn on your every purchase.

Steps to earn via Ibotta:

This app will show you the list of offers available on the Ibotta. Here you can choose the items you want to purchase.

  • Click on the items you want to purchase, here, for example, I have selected one gallon white Milk. It will show you the tasks to do to earn more cash. You can do one or all steps to earn the cash. It is showing that you can earn max. $.75 cash by completing the given tasks.
  • Now, to get the cash back, you need to purchase the items. This app will show you all the stores where you could buy these items.

Easy to use: Although you have multiple steps to follow, all are very easy to perform and also these steps take a very little time of yours.

Grocery and more: Not only on grocery items, you can earn cash on apparels, mobile apps, cosmetics etc.

More than 300 participating stores: You will be happy to know that Ibotta works in more than 300 participating stores.

Download on Play Store | Official Website


Want some easy ways for your weekly savings? Now it’s the time to grab the coupons and promotions directly on your phone. You can search for the offers by items, brand, your favourite shops or stores, etc. all from your local flyers.

Flipp - Grocery & Shopping List App Coupon Matchup
Flipp – Grocery & Shopping List App Coupon Matchup

Flipp comes with following features:

Scan loyalty cards: This app provides you with a feature in which you can add your loyalty cards on to Flipp and can clip the latest deals to your card to enjoy the instant savings during checkout.

More than 800 retailers: By using Flipp, you can get the deals from almost all your favourite store as Flipp is having a partnership with more than 800 retailers.

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Download on Play Store | Official Website

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Last but not least,

Buy Me a Pie!

Want to get rid of all paper list, regretting on forgotten items, annoying on multiple requests calls for the items to buy? Buy Me a Pie provides you with a complete all-in-one solution in which your account can be synchronised with a number of accounts on various android devices.

Buy Me A Pie - Grocery & Shopping List App Coupon Matchup
Buy Me A Pie – Grocery & Shopping List App Coupon Matchup

Its features are following:

Real-time List: You can login your account and create a shopping list which will be available on all of your sync devices in real time.

Automatic Synchronisation: You can synchronise your shopping list with all your family members and friends. You can sync your complete account or single list with selected people.

In this way, your family members and friends can add any items to your list in real time while you are out for shopping.

Download from Play Store | Official Website

Final Words:

I hope you will love this article, I have listed all the best apps to create grocery and shopping list for Android users, all of these apps are also available to download for iOS users, just search it on the Apple Apps Store!

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Which is your favourite app, Let me know your views in the comments, Also share How you create your shopping list, or you’re a hardcore online shopper? if you’re! don’t worry, I have something amazing for you until then share this as many times as you can!

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