Starting a Website has become so much easy in 2018. It doesn’t require any rocket science to start one for your business. The only thing you need is a domain and hosting. Finding a Domain Registrar is pretty easy nowadays as there are some popular and reliable domain registrars, but when it comes to finding an affordable as well as and Reliable web host. Hosting24 promises and proves as an excellent hosting with great customer support. As well as they provide free domain with hosting. Great! Isn’t it?

hosting24 review
Hosting24: Premium hosting with affordable pricing

Today I’m going to Review a Hosting provider called Hosting24.

Honest Review of Hosting24 Hosting.

Hosting24 Unlimited web hosting designed to meet your needs. Hosting24 hosting packages are crafted with care to include the essential tools for both beginners and developers. By studying the hosting market for over ten years, the Hosting24 team are able to provide the cheapest prices out of all the competitors!

Hosting24 Hosting Plans & Features:

  1. Shared Web hosting
  2. VPS Web hosting
  3. Reseller Web hosting
  4. Domain name services
  5. Website builder

Shared Hosting Plan

Hosting24 provides unlimited shared hosting. In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. With Hosting24 you don’t have to worry about the downtime and speed, Hosting24 will take care of all this.

VPS Hosting Plan

On Hosting24’s VPS hosting plan only your website is hosted on one server and a dedicated support is provided to you 24X7. With VPS Hosting you have your own Virtual Server and Hosting24 provides your site with a free SSL certificate that improves the security as well as the site’s SEO rank and you’ll get full SSD drive storage.

Reseller Hosting Plan

If you’re an online business enthusiast who wants to start their own hosting company, why not start with Hosting24 Reseller hosting plans? With its powerful WHM and cPanel infrastructure, you can create and customize your own packages and resource limitations.

It’s pretty much affordable and you and your clients will not get any issue and trust me it’s the best way to start out in the web hosting business.

All of their plans are pretty much good with the other competitors in this price range and you have to choose according to your need, let me know in the comments, which plan you are going to buy, now.

Note: All of Hosting24’s hosting plans are based on Linux.

Domain Registration & Website Builder

Apart from all the best-hosting services Hosting24 also provides you with domain name services. You can easily register domain names with Hosting24 and again it’s very much cheap and easy to do, and with their customer support, you can easily contact them if you encounter any issues, 24×7.

If you are planning to buy web hosting from Hosting24, you’ll get the domain name for free. Also, you will get free website builder to design your website like a pro. Hosting plans are only priced on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Pros & Cons of Hosting24 Web Hosting:


  1. Hosting24 is very much affordable as well as reliable web hosting provider for everyone.
  2. Single click CMS installation and website builder feature, you can set up a website with few clicks.
  3. It also has domain name services where you can also buy a domain for your website apart from web hosting.
  4. If you buy hosting from Hosting24 then you’ll get domain name completely free.
  5. Hosting24’s Reseller web hosting plan is good for people who are willing to start an online business.


  1. Anyone rarely buys a domain name from here. Godaddy is better for domain registration.
  2. Its shared hosting plan is not as good as VPS hosting plan. You’ll get comparatively fewer features and support.
  3. If you want better support and more features, then its VPS hosting plan would be a better option.

Plans and Pricing

Hosting24 has separate plans for its 3 different kinds of hosting services- Shared, VPS and Reseller.

1. Shared Web hosting

It has 3 kinds of plans.

  • Single Web hosting
  • Premium Web hosting
  • Business Web hosting

In Single Web hosting plan, you can have just 1 website with 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. It supports 1 MySQL database and 1 email account.

Cost- $2.15 per month

In Premium Web hosting plan you can have an unlimited number of websites. It gives you unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases and email accounts.

Cost- $3.49 per month

In Business Web hosting plan you have all the features as you have in the premium plan. Apart from it you get a free domain name, free SSL certificate and live support every time.

Cost– $7.95 per month

2. VPS Web hosting

It has a total of 8 plan types.

  • VPS Server Plan 1
    Cost– $10.78 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 2
    Cost– $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 3
    Cost– $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 4
    Cost– $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 5
    Cost– $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 6
    Cost– $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 7
    Cost– $21.56 per month
  • VPS Server Plan 8-
    Cost– $21.56 per month

3. Reseller Web hosting

It has 2 kinds of plans.

  • cPanel Reseller starter
  • cPanel Reseller business

In cPanel Reseller starter hosting plan you can have unlimited websites with 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. You have automatic backups, CloudFlare DDoS protection, and cloud SMTP delivery.

Cost– $25.99 per month

In cPanel Reseller business hosting plan you can have unlimited websites with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You are given WHM access and free SSL security certificate for your website.

Cost– $41.99 per month

Final Words:

At last, Hosting24 is pretty much affordable and reliable web hosting provider for all types of hosting needs. Whether you’re a blogger or a small business owner you’re good to go with Hosting24 hosting services. So, that’s all my Hosting24 review, do let me know in the comments what you like most about it, do share this with your blogger and web enthusiasts, maybe it’will help them, until then don’t forget to subscribe the mailing list.

Disclaimer: This is a mix-sponsored post, for more details, check out the site disclaimer and for other queries contact us.

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