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Clone SIM Card: Before we go further, I would like to clarify that SIM Card Cloning is illegal. This tutorial should be used for educational purposes only. After this, you can be able to Clone SIM cards easily but don’t harm others.

Mobile Phones are everyone’s need nowadays, people mostly do their confidential talks over cell phones, But only some of them know how easy it is to eavesdrop on them, there are some tricks and hacks to do that, but the most powerful way is to clone their SIM Card.

How to clone SIM card to use in 2 phones!

clone sim card easily at home

The Subscriber Identity Module aka SIM Card is the transmitter of the signal to the mobile and tower. Our SIM cards contain two secret codes or keys called IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and Ki (Authentication Key ), which enables the operator to know the mobile number and authenticate the customer, these codes are related to our mobile numbers which the operators store in their vast database, it is based on these secret keys that enable the billing to be made to that customer.

clone sim card -details of SIM card - anatomy
Details of a SIM Card

The main mission of cloning a SIM Card is to get KI and IMSI codes, these codes are the identifier of the SIM Card, and help you register your mobile to the network.

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How to duplicate SIM card to use on two phones?

Is it possible to clone a sim card?

By extracting these two secret codes from the SIM and program it into a new blank smart card. Since the operator authentication on SIM is based on these values, it enables us to fool the operators into thinking that it’s the original SIM, this authentication is a flaw with the GSM technology.

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Now which SIM cards can be cloned?

Not every SIM Card is cloneable, only some SIM card are clonable, let us learn, which one.

SIM cards are manufactured based on three algorithms COMP128v1, COMP128v2 and COMP128v3. It is important to note currently only COMP128v1 version SIM cards can be cloned, since this is the only algorithm, which has been cracked, bear in mind that 70% of all the SIM cards we use are COMP128v1, at the time of writing this post.

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What Can You Do When You Clone SIM card?

Well, There are many things to do when you clone SIM Card, You can secretly spy on the victim’s calls and data transfers, make him mobile bill go crazy, send messages and make calls from his number, All without touching the victim’s Cell Phone. Get ready to hack SIM cards, so, let’s dive in…

Things Required :

Blank Programmable SIM Card: I got this blank SIM card on Amazon (alternate link), but you can buy from anywhere.

A SIM Firmware Reader/Writer: I also got this SIM reader on Amazon (alternate link) at a minimal price.

Download and install: MagicSIM

Download and install: USB SIM Card Reader

Access to the victim’s SIM for about 15 to 20 minutes 😉

Update: If you found your Internet connecting speed drowning while downloading these files, follow the guide on how to increase internet speed via cmd( if you’re on windows 😉 ), this will slightly tweak your internet speed if the problem is from operating system’s side, otherwise it totally depends upon your ISP.

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Let’s get start cloning SIM card

Step 1: Remove the SIM from the phone, place it in the card reader, click read from the card in magic SIM.

clone sim card -magic sim interface screenshot

When it displays ‘connected’, select crack SIM in the toolbar.

clone sim card - magic sim crack sim

Step 2: Click strong KI and select all of the other find options and then click start.

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Once your KI is found and the crack is finished, click the file, save as and save your cracked SIM info to a file.

Step 3: You must click disconnect from the file menu or you will ruin your SIM card. [Important, Otherwise SIM will crack]

Step 4: Once it says disconnected. Remove the SIM. Put the SIM in your phone and see if it still works, it should.

(If not, either you did not unlock your SIM, or you tried to copy it instead of crack and save.)

Unlock SIM Card

Go to phone tools, select SIM card, then select unlock SIM, it will prompt for a code.

Call network provider, they will ask for your phone number, your account info, name, and security code, then they will ask why you want to unlock your SIM card, just tell them you need to unlock your SIM to get it to work with your overseas phone or something.

Once they give you the SIM unlock code, enter it, and it will say SIM unlocked.

Step 5: Insert blank SIM card and open USB SIM Card Reader Software not magic SIM at this point.

clone sim card - usb sim card reader settings

Step 6: Click connect. It should say ‘No Info Found’ if it is truly blank.

Step 7: Select write to SIM, it will prompt you to select a .dat file, select the one you saved earlier.

Step 8: Now click start, it will take about 10 minutes to write it, once it is complete, it will ask for a security code, enter the security code the network provider gave you, then click Finish.

clone sim card - usb sim card reader interface screenshots

DONE: You have successfully cloned a SIM Card.

Before you reach the conclusion, feel free to feel like a nitorious hacker, check out the famous hacker quotes and sayings.

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Now when somebody calls the victim, Both of the mobiles will ring, the same will happen in the case of SMS, But only one can pick up the call. It should be noted that if you try to make two calls at the same time, one will connect; the other will say call failed, both phones will get the same messages, text, and voice, and both will receive the same calls, but only one can talk at a time.

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Also, don’t do something big that will raise a red flag in Mobile Company. Remember, You are responsible for your own Shit.

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      • hi wasil,
        technology is a great thing, but you are giving gun to kids and asking them not to shoot. any way receive my thanks for your post. Its pretty informative . anyway I have further query. Is it possible to clone any sim card by without having physical access to it. If yes then how . I am asking to prevent myself from possible frauds.

        • this is not ony for nefarious purposes. It would be nice to have a working spare phone at work. Occasionally I forget my phone at home. I’m using the spare to write this. No sim, just wifi.

    • Can it clone a copy of a Verizon CDMA sim to be used in two phones, I have a Samsung and a Blackberry Q10
      I keep the Blackberry during work (it small and cheap to replace if broken) and use the Samsung while at home.
      Manually switching the one sim is a hassle

  1. Awesome article ……
    Bro…can u suggest me any easily cracked or free tools that can recover my deleted data from my android phone internal storage ?

  2. Is it possible 2 clone a iphone 7plus 2 a lg k7 without sim card? I just want a back up phone incase i loose my iphone that i can make and receive texts and calls on

  3. Can someone help me clone a SIM card for dummies. My brother just passed away and I am unable to to get in his iPhone through Verizon it’s a 3c. I really need help because that is all I have left of him. The cops are useless they can’t break his password and are asking me for help.in begging any genius techie or white hat to help me with my dilemma. I read the instructions and I still don’t understand.

    • Also, I don’t know his password for Verizon for them to unlock it believe me I tried and I’m afraid if I tell them he is gone then they will cancel his contract and I will lose all the memories of us on His Phone. Please help me

  4. Also, I don’t know his password for Verizon for them to unlock it believe me I tried and I’m afraid if I tell them he is gone then they will cancel his contract and I will lose all the memories of us on His Phone. Please help me

  5. I in Viet Nam used Viettel mobile. I need to recovery sms deleted already for a long time. So I ask about what brand of the SIM cards data recovery which is suitable in Viettel?

  6. I would like to clone a SIM-card for mobile internet and not for GSM/Phone calls/3g/4g. Some internet providers provide twin and triple cards. This ISP doesnt. I would like to make my own twin card; and have one card in a 4g router in my home and one card in my dual SIM phone.

    The ISP would probably not give away this SIM unlock code the writer of this article refers to. Why would they? It is some times phones that are locked to certain operators but I have never heard of codes for sim cards. Anyone follow?

  7. Will this work on a SIM from a US 4G LTE T-Mobile phone (S7 Edge) put into service 2017?

    I have read a few articles that imply COMP128v1 is no longer used on any new SIM cards.

    I have 2 mobile lines already, I want to be able use different phones and smart watches without having to constantly move the SIM cards. I also like the idea of having a back up in case I lose my phone.

  8. Comment Text*
    sir, i have 2 doubts.
    1. can a blank sim provided by y network providers (eg: given for sim change purpose. 2g to 4g) be used for sim cloning purpose.
    2. from where can i download the software to write into blank sim cards. (u have mentioned not to use magicsim software)

  9. hi,,

    i thought all new sim which have 3g and 4g dont use this algorithm and can’t be cloned this way, using magic sim, does you try with new modern sim..

    i thought this from 2006-2010 sim only

  10. I don’t understand the part about unlocking sim… who do I have to unlock it? Or it’s not the same for different parts of the world…?

  11. Bro I want to clone a sim in my country Nigeria
    But I’m not with the sim. I only have the Number Is that Gonna be possible?

  12. Could someone clone my phone if they had the information about my phone such as the IMEI. I know that my Verizon account information was hacked and that account had the phone specifics. After the date that the man was sitting behind me in Chick-fil-A, with two cell phones in his hand, while I was unsuccessfully trying to pay my bill (using my cellular data), I started experiencing network connectivity problems that had never been present before. Thank you for helping.

  13. I don’t know the following method will work or not bcoz their sim are now secured I have a video which provides step by step method of clone a sim but old method may not work,

    • by the way this post is all about sim cloning not about creating two whatsapp a/c with one no. but you dont have to pull earth on your shouldres, just create whatsapp a/c as you create normally but theres a problem your first account will be automatically deleted after verifying other but there are some other tricks to spy on someone else whats without actually installing it.

  14. Hi i’v got KI and IMSI from old card. I wanna to write this to new “lte”card but i dont have a software. The card is answer to ATR and read her IMSI and KI (like FF FF FF……) but i cant write my original data ?

  15. You said there some tricks that can be used to spy on someone social accounts like WhatsApp.please, can I get to know those tricks without cloning.

  16. Hi I can’t download the usb sim card reader software (last item on the list). Can you provide an alternate or direct download link please? And thank you for the article.

  17. Can CDMA SIM Cards, such as Sprint, and its MVNO be cloned?
    Also you said to get the SIM code from the provider, what about if the phone is already “unlocked” via software such as Galaxy Tools v3.1.8 that unlocks the phone to be used with other providers. If that’s not it, what about if I never set a code for my SIM and my phone says I dont have a code, or are you referring to the 6 digit PUK code, the backup code (in case if the user forgets their pin) or the 4 digit code.

  18. Have a stupid question for you,
    When you say Call network provider for the code to unlock the SIM card, does each SIM card have there own unlock code? Is that code different than the one used for voice mail? We had issues with BTC and we couldn’t unlock and do a lot with the cell phone we just purchased and she gave us the number 1234 and we were able to move forward with programming the phone. In the Bahamas they are very suspicious with every phone call. So I don’t want to setup any red flags.

  19. Hi friend, your post is really very interesting and Now I asked one question how can I get whatsapp message when he is saying:-“Waiting for this message. This may take a while. Learn more”. I and my other friend some time online but this message is not recover. very long time I’m waiting nothing is happen. what am I do?

  20. Thanks for this. I work in an industry that I want to have a nice phone and a junk phone. This write up will help me accomplish that. I bought a new phone to carry to nicer establishments and don’t want to swap the cards all the time.

  21. Will this work on optus sims in Australia and do you really need a PC to use the software or can u download that on an android phone and I’m guessing I’ll need all sims details as in the name and everything it was activated under to unlock it right

  22. SIM successfully cloned, now I have two cards with same number, both in different places, I don’t need to add any cost to that card, but will I listen to a conversation on the other phone with the same number that I have in a different phone?