Tablets are great for watching videos and playing games. However, their large screens also make them good alternatives to laptops. To use a tablet like a computer, you’ll need to make sure of a few things. We talked about them below.


Laptops come with sizable storage space. Although tablets also have a considerable amount, they can’t compete with the former. Using a tablet as a PC means that you might have to save a range of files. If it comes with a MicroSD slot, you’ll be able to expand its storage to almost double the amount. The more flagship tabs come without the feature, though.

Aim to purchase a unit with a USB port. This would let you attach drives, and save files. However, this isn’t the case for the majority of tablets.

That’s why you should use storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can access them on almost any model. If you purchased an iPad, you will have access to iCloud. It’s efficient but is not as organized as its rivals.


We all know that tabs are bigger than phones but how big can they get? There are large ones with displays of up to 17 inches. Just take a look at the Samsung View 2. To use the devices as a laptop alternative, a large screen is needed, or you’ll be squinting while doing your work.

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To make it easier to use, you’ll need to attach a keyboard. Thankfully, most large tablets come with this capability – and have USB ports. If not, you could place cases with keyboards on them. This would get the job done, but the keys may not be as tactile as their peripheral counterparts.

The most notable units with keyboards would be Microsoft’s Surface Pros. They are standalone tablets that are quite popular with students.

Internet Browsing

If you use your handset as a laptop, you would probably browse the internet often. You may have bookmarks and pages saved on your computer. This will allow you to retrieve them by downloading the same browser on your tab. Of course, you’ll have to sync your Google account.

Google Chrome is optimized to work well on Android. You might want to check it out.

Safari is available on iPads though it’s not as optimized as Google Chrome. That being said, your files will be secure. Apple ensures that your data is always safe. Unfortunately, you can’t open flash videos. You’ll have to use a third-party browser for this.

Microsoft Office

Using Microsoft Office will make using the handset feel like a computer. Windows units come with these programs installed. If you’re using iOS or Android, you’ll have to download them.

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Speaking of windows tablets, they have a range of legacy programs. These are applications that make running businesses easier and have been supported for years.


We touched on the peripherals above, but know that using your handset as a PC will be inconvenient if it doesn’t come with a USB port. Creating presentations for work or school would not be possible, as you won’t be able to plug it into a TV or save your slide on to a hard drive. As mentioned, you won’t be able to attach keyboards either.

If it doesn’t come with a USB port, you’ll have to use Bluetooth to share files which is less convenient.

Operating System

If you want a UI that’s similar to a computer, you’ll need to purchase a Chrome Book or Microsoft tab. The latter would be best as it runs Windows 10. What’s great about Microsoft is that they support Windows for generations. As the programs are regularly updated, they’re known to be safe too.

Android offers more apps in their play store – you will find countless applications for work and school. However, as mentioned, they don’t have legacy programs.

Final Thoughts

Using tabs as computers is a smart move. They’re more affordable than computers and come with powerful processors, enabling them to handle most operations. To have the best possible experience, you’ll need to be careful with the device you pick up. It should have a MicroSD slot which will allow you to expand its storage and store as many files as you want.

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The tab should also come with a USB port. This would let you attach peripherals like keyboards. Using the unit with a keyboard would make it similar to working on a laptop. The port would also let you include hard-drives, which is useful if you’re a student.

A large screen would be handy, and you’ll be able to get your work done without squinting. The OS is important as well. Windows 10 is what most computers run, and luckily, tablets offer it. If not, a Chromebook makes a good alternative.

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