Mobile games that developers release nowadays are becoming more graphic extensive. You would want your handset to easily be able to handle them. Luckily for you, there are many ways you can do this if you own an Android. We talked all about them in our article.

How to optimize your Android for Gaming performance

Uninstall Applications

Android phones are available from different manufacturers. The Android OS would look different depending on the manufacturer you’re working with. This is because different brands use different skins. A lot of them unfortunately include bloatware.

The applications are alternatives to Google and use up system resources, even running in the background. If you’re playing a hard-core game, the resources being eaten up would hinder your performance.

To combat this, you can uninstall them. If the UI doesn’t let you remove the apps, you can disable them – they’ll still be around, but they won’t eat power up.

If you were smart, you’d have bought a unit that runs Stock Android. Mitja Rutnik from Android Authority calls it the “vanilla or pure version of Android… being unmodified”. Not only would bloatware stop being an issue, but you wouldn’t have to deal with possibly sluggish themes either.

Update Android

IOS trumps over Android when it comes to the frequency of software updates. Take a look at Apple’s official IOS 14 page. You’ll see handsets that were released years ago still receiving the update.

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Depending on the brand, how often your Android device would receive updates would differ. With each update, systems would get optimized. Security features would improve too.

To help improve your gaming, you should regularly look for updates and install them. That’s why you might think that enabling automatic updates is the way to go. However, your phone would constantly use energy to get upgrades, which could hinder your time gaming.

Enable Your Gaming Mode

As Android phones come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll find manufacturers producing handsets specifically for gaming.

The Asus ROG is one of the best. Andrew Perera from PhoneEkak mentions how the already powerful Snapdragon 845 in the Asus ROG was “designed to be overclocked”. It’ll handle whatever you throw at it when pushed.

Unfortunately, you might not have a gaming phone. You might still be able to optimize your device’s systems, though. Several Xiaomi, Samsung, and Oppo mobiles come with gaming-modes. OnePlus is famous for theirs, having produced the Game Space app just for it.

What do the modes do? They generally improve frame rates, clear background apps, disable incoming notifications and tweak display settings to improve immersiveness.

Make Use of Dolby Atmos

Although Samsung doesn’t produce mobiles especially for gaming, the Galaxies are great for this activity. The more expensive ones like the newer S21 Ultra have powerful chips, like the Exynos 2100, as well as lots of memory.

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But what’s great about the Galaxy line is that many of the handsets in it support Dolby Atmos – you’ll be getting loud, 3D sound.

Go to Settings, Sounds & Vibrations, Sound Quality & Effects, and then enable Dolby Atmos. You’ll be able to immerse in what you’re playing like never before.

Expand Your Storage

A problem with Apple phones is that you don’t get micro SD slots. Being a mobile gamer, you’ll have several games to try. Expandable storage means the sky is the limit when it comes to downloading applications.

Most Android handsets thankfully come with the slots. You’ll be able to insert micro SD cards to double their ROM. Not only would you be able to download various tools and games, but having enough storage would leave it working smoothly instead of sluggishly.

Here’s the deal:

We mentioned how most Androids come with expandable storage, though not all. Manufacturers tend to leave the slots out from more expensive units. Compare the Samsung S21 Ultra to the Samsung A12. The former doesn’t come with a micro SD slot while the latter does.

Manage Background Apps

Whether you own an Android or iPhone, you won’t be able to game as well as you could if many apps were running in the background. Close whatever is open before you play your game, as they’d be eating up valuable resources.

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Overclock Your Phone

Remember how we mentioned the Asus ROG’s Snapdragon 845 chip was designed to be overclocked? This means that when pushed, it can handle more extensive tasks than usual.

You can force your device’s system to do this too. But this can be dangerous, as you could go too far and void your warranty.

The process is not that hard, though. Overclocking Android is generally easier than doing so on iPhones. You’ll be utilizing Kernels and the OS’s open-source nature.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Androids, there are many things you can do to optimize them for gaming. From this list, what would improve your experience the best would be updating your OS. Google regularly optimizes Android with each new update.

Another factor that would help is enabling gaming mode if your device comes with one. You should think about uninstalling bloatware as well. Once you do this, you can have a phone that is well-suited to gaming.

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