Have you been searching for the best video maker available in the market? So, perhaps, you are a developing brand, are an entrepreneur, maybe an up-coming YouTuber. Or, you might have a keen interest to learn video editing. The good news is, no matter what your reason is, you have come to the right place. 

Video is the most popular and versatile way to attract an audience. According to a study, in a few years, 80% of the global internet traffic will be attributed to videos. Videos are everywhere, starting from social media posts to Facebook video ads. 

Creating a professional video is costly. And you do not want to hire agencies or pay hefty fees to the professionals. Additionally, neither do you want to invest thousands of dollars in buying professional equipment to create videos nor thousands of minutes learning professional courses in video editing. That is perfectly fine. 

Getting the best video maker in the market is confusing. There are a lot of companies that offer exciting features which can easily lure you. So, choosing the best among the good is indeed puzzling. 

If you are planning to create video content for yourself/brand and do not know where to start, then this article will help you out. Stay tuned.

How is InVideo different from the rest?

You have heard about English Grammar. But have you ever heard about visual Grammar? Probably, we all end up making some mistakes while creating a video. Be it a wrong text input, or a piece of inappropriate music not coordinating with your theme- all of these are common mistakes that we tend to make. This is what we call visual grammatical mistakes. But how do we overcome this? 

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The Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA) of InVideo is an AI-powered intelligence tool that acts as a guide to the video editor. It would technically guide the editor to detect his minute mistakes, aka visual grammars, and help him make a flawless video. Following are some of the features of the IVA:

  • Improves text legibility.
  • Improves the alignment of the texts.
  • Recommends the best animation.
  • Maintains the frame equilibrium.
  • Enhances image quality.

Getting started with InVideo

InVideo has three ways in which you can make your videos:

  • Converting script to a video.
  • Working with the readymade templates. 
  • Creating your own video.
  • Converting script to a video

First, pick a theme of your choice. You get various choices of themes like technology, mosaic, bright, graceful, retro, etc. Then choose a video format ratio. InVideo has three video formats that can be used for various screens like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

After selecting the video format ratio, type in your scripts like the headline and body content. The efficient video engines of InVideo do the heavy lifting for you. They create the scenes according to the scripts you have given. After that, you can customize the video according to your needs. Upload your files and music or change the default style of the video- it is all yours now!

Note: You cannot crop your videos like photos and change the aspect ratio of it. If you want a video in the 9:16 ratio, you have to edit it in a 9:16 ratio. That is where InVideo comes in handy. It provides a good tool for presetting the aspect ratios right from the beginning of editing your videos. 

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Tip: Make sure you turn on the auto-suggestion of images/videos to get high-quality images/videos from Unsplash, Shutterstock, etc.

  • Working with the readymade templates 

Create artistic and the most innovative videos with the versatile collections of templates available at InVideo. InVideo has 3000+ designer templates that boost traffic and create more leads for you and your company. Change the default animations, colors, and texts to create your customized video. Additionally, you can also add your brand logo, stickers, and music to add extra jazz. 

  •  Creating your own video

This process of video creation is almost similar to the previous two types. But, there’s a catch! In this type of video creation, you get a chance to make your video right from scratch. Choose a video proportion, add your music, templates, and text to customize it according to your needs.  

Pros of InVideo

  • You do not need a high-end PC or graphics card to use InVideo. 
  • You need minimal pieces of equipment to create stunning videos. They include a PC/laptop, a browser, and an internet connection.
  • All the operations and edits would be cloud-based. That means your project is saved in InVideo, and you can download it anytime you want. 
  • The full-time, 24*7 customer services ensure to keep the customers happy.
  • You get an amazing collection of readymade templates.
  • The drag and drop feature available while editing makes it easy to take care of minute details. 
  • You also get to have one-on-one sessions with experts who can help you get innovative ideas regarding your video creation. 

Cons of InVideo

  • You might not get pro video edits like the professional software used solely for video editing. But, learning professional software takes time and effort. 
  • You will always need an active internet connection to use InVideo.
  • The export time, that is, the time required to export your video for further sharing is a bit long. But that is because of the high-quality and crisp videos that are generated. Nonetheless, InVideo is working to reduce the time and speed up the process. 
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Whether it is to create attractive Facebook ad templates or create regular social media posts, InVideo will always be handy.

So, what is the answer? Is InVideo the best in the market? You have probably read the article in full. Now, why don’t you visit their site and try making a video? Just log in to their site and use this article as a reference to start editing your first video. 

After making the first video at InVideo, you will be the right person to answer the question that this article has raised. 

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