Are you a blogger, Webmaster or a Web developer who uses WordPress a lot? Looking for the tips and guides to make WordPress site load faster? You’re at the right place, read on.

As you know a lightning fast website plays an important role in boosting traffic and generating revenues. Here on the web, just a fraction of a second can make a huge difference in user experiences.

make wordpress site load faster
Make WordPress to Load Blazingly Fast

Speeding up a WordPress website is a must do the task for any WordPress user or a serious Blogger, I know for that you need a reliable and fast server that’s why I gather these black friday web hosting deals, but fast server is not gonna do anything on its own, you need to optimize it to load wordpress fast a rocket, there are so many guides and how-to’s available on the internet to make WordPress site load faster, so, why am I writing this, Well, actually all those guides are a bit confusing from the point of view of a beginner. I have read some guides on Tech2hack on Web Development, so, I want to share mine also.

How To Make WordPress Site Load Faster Than Ever

All the time you were thinking about your website speed but unable to find out the roots of the problem and so you had to face consequences, let me clear this with an example, Your villa has a problem in the foundation, will you fix your window? Nope, right? Rather you will fix the foundation.

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If your car is not giving the needed speed, you may not consider changing its tires. Rather you go for the coupe for ultimate speed and performance.

As I am working with some of the best WordPress Theme developers, I know enough, what to do and what not to do in order to make WordPress site load blazingly faster. So, if you want to really want to make your WordPress site to load faster than the ever, follow these handpicked tips specially made for your understanding.

Choose a Good Host:

You must choose a good web hosting server. Otherwise, it can drastically hurt your website speed. However, depending on the technology and server managed to host is very much necessary for a faster WordPress website.

Simplify Your Code:

Complex codes take longer processing time to execute. HTML, CSS and other scripting code files can cause your site to run like tortoises. So, you should consider modifying its code over time to give your site a speed injection.

Just try to remove all of the white spaces and unnecessary characters from source code without changing the functionality. A plugin called Autoptimize can be helpful to perform this task. This, however, saves you bandwidth while making the site faster.

Choose A Fast And Lightweight Theme:

Not every WordPress theme is fast and lightweight. Similarly, not all stunning UI design cannot attract your visitors unless it loads faster. Choosing a Right theme hast the major role in making your WordPress site load faster.

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My suggestion for you not to choose a Theme which is feature-riched. Rather select a Theme that contains all the functionality necessary for your business. If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is responsive and yet light-weight, go with the Joomdev WordPress Themes

Optimize Images:

Sites that have plenty of images can face some performance issues. So, what will do now if your site uses plenty of heavy images? If your site is one of them, just use image optimizer. is a very popular image optimizer and can reduce the size of images automatically while keeping the original quality.

Clean Up Your Database:

It is a very good practice to clean up your site’s database. Because database starts accumulating clutters over time. And this worthless bloat slows down your site significantly.

However, clean up can be done various ways. But we use a powerful WP Plugin called WP-Optimize. This lets you optimize your database while reducing overhead.

We would also recommend using WP-DB Manager plugin, with this plugin you can schedule dates for database optimization.

Limit Comments on Every Page:

While it is satisfying to see lots of comments under your posts, but at the back, it is actually slowing down your website.

However, there is a very easy solution to limit the number of posts per page. Simply go to Settings>Discussion>Break comments Into Pages (check this box).

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Delete Unused Plugins and Themes:

If you are a collector of different types of plugins and included all of these on your website, then you must keep your themes and plugins up to date. In addition to that, you should also delete unused themes or plugins to speed up your site.

To delete the unused plugin, you should Deactivate it first. After doing so, go to your inactive plugins list and click on Delete.

On the other hand, if you want to delete unused themes, just navigate to Appearance > Themes to delete the Themes you no longer required.

Final Thoughts:

I hope this will help you to make your loving WordPress site load faster than ever before, and I also wish you’ll never have to lose a visitor again, share this post if you found something useful in it and subscribe to the mailing list to get the upcoming post deliver to your inbox, till then happy WordPress.

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