Are you a large business enterprise looking to solve data challenges, then you have come to the right place. As there are many organizations that are now turning to master data management services. They are the types of tools that will help to break down the data silos just by designing a single source for the enterprise data and improve Big Data management. It depends upon how these companies configure the Microsoft master data services, they can push out any updated data onto other networks or systems.

Master data management software/service

Master data management software offers the best way to manage important data from multiple apps in an organization. With this, it can link to the universal and master data file. Master data file input is a single reference point for important data flowing through this enterprise. The reason is master data is generally worried about the important entities such as people (employees and customers), things (parts, products, or assets), locations (office locations or divisions), as well as concepts (contracts, warranties, and licenses).

When you are choosing the best MDM services, organizations have many different vendors that you can select from. Some of them are the pure-play startups, which provide just MDM and similar services, and some are a bit bigger companies that provide a wide range of data management or integration tools, some of them are big enterprise vendors, which have the wide portfolio of various products.

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Before we go ahead and selecting the solution, organizations must know how they would like to deploy the Microsoft master data services— in the on-premise center, public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. They have to examine the data integration policy. Let us look at the top MDM software out there.

Top 5 Master Data Management Software


Informatica is one type of modular MDM solution, which connects easily to your network and info. It offers a complete, trusted and accurate data for any kind of digital transformation. Data helps the organizations in the compliance initiatives, omnichannel retailing, supply chain optimization, customer experience programs, marketing and sales operations, and many more. Informatica was a highly referenced vendor in research for MDM Magic Quadrant, and with the double number of the referenced vendor.


OpenDQ is another master data management & data governance solution and enterprise no license cost quality. It is made on the modular architecture, and OpenDQ scales with the organization data management requirements. OpenDQ always delivers trusted information with the machine learning & artificial intelligence framework. 

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Ataccama has a collaborative data curation system, which includes services for data profiling or catalog, data quality, and governance and data management.  It has the data curation network and offers the best solutions for the data quality as well as governance, MDM, and catalog and data profiling. Ataccama supports reference data management, hierarchy management, multiple domains, and much more. 


Pimcore is one excellent open-source platform that seamlessly connects data management & experience management in one single platform. They provide product info management, digital asset management, master data management, digital commerce platform, and web content management in one single suite. An amazing flexibility & API-driven approach of Pimcore makes it simple to exchange information and make sure trouble-free connection with current IT system landscapes. Pimcore tool is totally based on the open architecture & zero license price for the agencies, developers, and enterprises. 


Qualtrax is the quality and compliance system that is used for managing & controlling documentation, streamline training management, automate important business processes with the customizable workflows, manage external and internal audits and make sure important industry regulations can be addressed in the real-time. Qualtrax is the best Microsoft master data services in today’s heavily-regulated sector, where complying standards that include ISO 17020, 17025, 9001, and13485, GFSI, TNI, FDA, or FQS is needed.

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Thus, you can see that there is a wide range of good Microsoft master data services tools that focus mainly on the specific use and niche. But, only because a certain set of capabilities works for your organization doesn’t mean that it can do the same thing for another. The first step in your vendor selection procedure is identifying such providers that provide products for the environment specifically. It ensures best-fit and best points for future deployments.

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