Most Recommended Spy Apps For Android

Android is one of the most popular and leading operating system platforms used these days. As per the stats, it’s revealed that it carries 81% of the market share. So, you can imagine how much demand this platform carries among the customers. People give more importance to Android over iOS and other similar platforms because it’s more affordable and flexible. With each passing year, everything in the Android-based smartphones seems to be getting advanced and better. But even after all this, these devices still remain prone to spying apps for free. 

spy apps for android
List Of Best Spy Apps For Android.

If you have ever seen any spy movie, like Mr & Mrs. Smith or something on a similar line, then you would have a brief idea on what all a spy does. Similarly, a cell spy app for Android works majorly like a real spy. It keeps an eye on everything while running in the background and not disturbing any of the activities being carried on. If you ever wanted to feel like a spy then this is your ultimate chance! In this article, we will be focusing upon the top spy apps for Android 2020 that are mostly paid but worth the price. 

Note: Invading someone’s privacy can turn out to be an illegal offense and may land you up in trouble. But, if you are a parent who is using this app for monitoring his/her child activities or for some professional purposes, then it should be fine. Anyways, it’s important to understand that these apps are risky in nature so if you plan to use any of them, then use it at your own risk. We won’t be held responsible for any chaos or issues that turn out. 

Top Spy Apps For Android 2020:

1) Highster Mobile 

If you have been in search out for a cell phone tracker that doesn’t need root access then this one is a perfect choice for you. It stands equally part and gives a tough competition to other similar apps like Flexy Spy. The app boasts of high daily active users across the globe. It’s one of the most affordable and reliable spy apps that would satisfy your needs quite easily. 

To begin with the application, you just have to download it, install it and you are good to go! There’s no requirement of any external settings to be adjusted, everything will be handled on its own after the app has been deployed on the target device. It comes with one-time payment fees of $69.99, so no tension of monthly or yearly resubscriptions. Also, whatever version your Android device is running upon, you need not worry as the app works quite well with most of the old and latest Android versions. 

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Features In Brief:

  • Monitor Text Messages: Whatever text messages, whether incoming or outgoing on the target device can be easily monitored. 
  • Call Recording: It features an in-built call recorder also which will record all calls of the target, irrespective of incoming or outgoing and get uploaded into the Highster mobile account in the format of .mp3. 
  • View Photos: Any photo that is stored on the target device can be viewed by the app master. 
  • Social Media Apps: Any social media app whether Facebook, Instagram, to name a few activities can be observed. 
  • Check Browsing History: Any browsing history that is taking place at any time of the day can be accessed right from your Highster account. 

2) FlexiSpy 

One of the most powerful and worldwide recognized truth spy app for Android download has to be undoubtedly Flexy Spy. It contains many amazing features, that will make you instantly grab the service. It can easily record all sorts of information that you have ever wished for right from social media activity to incoming and outgoing calls. 

spy app for Android -FlexiSpy
FlexiSpy Android App.

The only downside is that as the app contains so many deep and powerful features, it would require root access on your Android device. So, if your device isn’t rooted then we are sorry to say that this choice isn’t for you but we recommend you to read about this app till the end as it may be something that you are looking for and after knowing about Flexi Spy in detail, you may change your mind and decide to root your device just for this single app service. 

spy app for Android -FlexiSpy

The service was founded back in 2006 and since then the app has grown to such a huge level that today it carries 3 million active users worldwide. It’s available in two paid versions, Premium, and Advanced version. The premium one comes for $68 per month and the advanced comes for $199 per quarter. In both the versions, you get every feature of the app including tracking browser activity, calls, GPS, etc.  

Features In Brief:

  • GPS Tracking: Track the whereabouts of your target phone using the GPS tracking system. 
  • Call Intercept: If you are a fan of listening to live conversations then use the intercept call feature. 
  • Record Environment: Easily record the surrounding of the mobile device. If you ever feel you need to know what’s happening around the environment then you can secretly activate the phone microphone. It will record everything and upload it automatically into the Flexi Spy account. 
  • Social Media Tracking: Track every social media app right from your Gmail to Facebook. Easily keep a detailed look on sent, unsent, received and draft messages. 

3) One Spy

A cell spy app for Android made especially for the Indian users. The app is capable of deriving all sorts of information and presenting it to you on your device. You just require root on the target Android device, otherwise, One Spy may not function. As it is made especially for the Indians, you can expect an affordable price. Keep reading to know more! 

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The Indian aspect of the app shouldn’t be underestimated in any manner as the service carries everything that a user can demand from a cool spy app for Android. It has every other feature to extract information about Social Media activity, email, call logs, text messages, etc. If you are running on a Samsung series especially the ‘S’ series then this app is a treat for you, as it has major support for it. 

One just needs to pay a fee of 500 per month to utilize this effective service. It will work exceptionally well, no matter whether it is for legal purposes, parenting purposes, or office purposes.  We recommend you to at least try the app once, and if you feel that it’s worth your time and hard-earned money, then you may consider it for long term usage. We have a positive feeling that the app won’t disappoint you in any manner. If by chance, it does, you can always reach out to the developers and they will solve your issue. 

Features In Brief:

  • Mail Tracker: Any information taking place on the target device related to emails would be provided to you from time to time. 
  • Internet History: The app stretches its hands up to mobile browsers also. It lets you track the browsing history and other similar stuff right from your account. 
  • View Call Logs: If you don’t have time to check call recordings, then you can have a quick glance over the regular call logs (incoming and outgoing) which would be provided to you frequently. 
  • Text Message: Anything that is being typed up on the keyboard can be seen by you. Every text message, which is sent and received can be monitored. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are new to the world of hidden spy apps for Android, then it’s destined that you would have a lot of questions in mind. Due to questions, you are bound to be curious about the answers to them. Therefore, we have created this section, where we will be taking a look at some of the most frequently asked questions related to spying apps for Android 2020. Also, one more thing, if you feel your question isn’t listed here then do reach out to us through the comments box and hopefully, someone would get back to you with an appropriate solution. 

Q1) How do these spy apps actually work? 

Ans: These apps work exactly like a real detective or spy as shown in most of the movies. The working of most of the spy apps is similar in nature, they collect information from the target while running in the background and send it to the master device. During this process, we noticed that the difference may arrive at the way the information is being sent. Some of the apps like Flexi Spy send the information then and thereafter if the Internet connection has been turned on. On the other side, there are apps that initiate information sending only via a wireless connection. Now, if you are someone who is interested infrequent or minute to minute tracking, then the apps like Flexi Spy are a great choice for you. Whereas if you don’t want the target to get any kind of doubt that he/she is being watched upon, then the second type is best.

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2) Why you should use Spy apps for Android? 

Ans: Go and stand in front of a mirror! Do you see someone? The person you see there is the one who can answer this question! Everyone has a different situation, so we can’t give you a general solution. If you are a parent then you should use the spy app so your children’s future turns out on a good path or if you are a boss who needs to track his employees during office hours then too spy apps are a great choice. But, still, we would like to bring you back the fact that invading someone’s privacy can be dangerous and risky. So, whatever you do, think twice and do it at your own risk! 

Q3) Are these apps legal? 

Ans: If you use it on some stranger’s device without the consent then that’s not right. If by anyhow he/she comes to know about it, then you may land up in legal trouble. Ethics wise also, it’s recommended to inform the person beforehand that you are going to track them for whatsoever reason and now that person can be your child or even your employee. When it comes to the target person, everyone’s opinion may differ. Some may find it alright to have a spy app installed on their device, whereas others can consider it as breakage of privacy. 


We hope that the above listed best-hidden spy apps for Android turned out to be helpful for you. If you are someone who is looking for an advanced option, then go for FlexiSpy. If you want to try something affordable then Highster and One Spy seem to do the work without emptying down your pockets much. The spy apps generally work on the same base and therefore there are high chances of few things being almost the same. To know what app suits you the best, you will need to analyze your needs and requirements. Lastly, read our FAQ section carefully and use the cool spy apps for Android in 2020.

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