Acer provides an amazing range of laptops for everyone. Whether you are a student or an adult who needs an office laptop; Acer brings you a great variety. Students are usually on a budget and finding the best laptop within their pocket is the biggest trouble. But this is where Acer helps you the most. 

Top Acer Laptops for Students

We have listed some of the best Acer laptops for students that are sleek and perform well too. With online learning growing day by day, it is very important to have a good laptop with you all the time. Thus, let’s dig in and find the best bet for you! 

Acer Swift 3:

Acer Swift 3 is best known for its performance. It outperforms some of the best, high-end laptops of Dell and HP, etc. You can take your online classes, listen to music, edit your photos, and have unlimited tabs open and Acer Swift 3, wouldn’t bug you much. Also, its battery life of 11 hours is quite impressive which lets you study in peace. A great buy for all students. 

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Acer Chromebook Spin 713:

This Acer laptop is famous for its performance and exceptional battery life. Also, its screen is incredibly beautiful, showing bright and bold colors. The vibrancy of the screen makes you fall in love with the laptop. The only drawback of this laptop is the shallow keyboard and some people don’t really enjoy it. But overall, it would never budge you in terms of performance. It is durable and powerful and a great buy. 

Acer Predator Triton 300 SE:

The design of Acer predator triton 300 SE is eye-catching impressive. The sleek and chic design makes it an attractive pick for students. The battery life is also decent and the powerful processor makes it worth the investment. It is great for students who love gaming too as it was initially created for gaming. The graphics performance is quite strong and makes it a delight to play games, watch movies and study along too. 

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Acer Swift 3x 2021:

If you need a beast performance machine then this laptop won’t disappoint you at all. It is a multi-tasker and the performance is out of this world. It can easily beat high-end brands like HP and Dell, in terms of their monstrous performance. The graphics are detailed and crisp and video transcoding is fast too. The battery life is not as great as the above-mentioned laptops but is fair enough to run well for a few hours. 

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Acer has some of the best, high-end performance laptops for students, within a good budget. They are packed with features and don’t disappoint you in terms of performance either. The above-mentioned laptops are the best and top 4 Acer laptops for students and are a wonderful investment. With e-learning at its peak, a good laptop is a necessity and it is time to invest in the right one. 

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