Have you ever used internet on Laptop PC through your android mobile? If YES then some part of the tutorial you already know, if NO then read on to learn how to use android as a modem to connect to the internet on your Laptop or Desktop PC through your android smartphone.

How to connect to the Internet using Android as Modem

If you are reading this tutorial then definitely internet is the most necessary thing in your life. In today’s world the internet is our basic need, and why should not. But there are some things needed to run internet, an internet connection, right, well for this you have JIO, I think 😉 and mainly a connecting device. So, If you want to surf the internet on a PC you need a modem or a direct LAN connection, a Modem is good but a bit costly.

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I know you have some queries and doubts you searched on google like,

  • how to use my android phone as a modem
  • how to use android phone as a modem via USB
  • how to use android phone as a modem in windows 7
  • how to use android phone as a modem via USB cable

and here’s the complete solution for all the problems, let’s have a look,

Why need Wired or Wireless Tethering?

I think you all have smartphones right, Smartphones changed our whole life in a very convenient way, they replaced many things in our life like wristwatch, radio, transistor, torch, calculator, mp3 player, TV, and so on, now you have one more advantage to use Android as modem, wireless or wired, in both the manner.

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Recently, I have published a list of best android emulators to run Android apps on PC and how to schedule WhatsApp messages on android which are some awesome guides, I love Android and you should also, it’s can do whatever you would like it to do.

Types of Tethering

With the current crop of Android smartphones and tablets, tethering, or mobile network sharing, is possible in one of three ways to connect to the internet through your android device to use it as a modem,

  1. WiFi Tethering (Hotspot: secure via password)
  2. USB Tethering (more secure)
  3. Bluetooth Tethering (less secure)

Are you wondering what tethering is? I’m giving a small introduction to the tethering.

What is Tethering?

Tethering is a way of connecting one device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet, to another, such as a laptop, to be able to share the internet connection (2G/3G/4G data connection).

In very simple terms, tethering refers to connecting one device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, to another, such as a laptop, to be able to share the internet connection (3G/4G data connection) of the former with the latter.

If you want in-depth knowledge on this topic, then read the Android Authority‘s post on Tethering.

How to Tether an Internet Connection via Android Phone

Here is the complete tethering tutorial I have made a step by step manner to use Android as a modem to run Internet on your computer with Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, and USB cable.

Follow these steps to set up Internet tethering: Initial Step

Go to your phone settings and then click on Tethering and Mobile Hotspot.

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Note: I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE for this tutorial, your phone setting may be different but usually they are all same on the Android Phones.

android as modem-general navigation

You will get all the options to use Android as a modem,  I will mention all of them one by one, lets first start with the most common.

WiFi Hotspot

android as modem-wifi hotspot
WiFi Tethering: Mobile Hotspot

Wi-Fi tethering has faster theoretical speeds than Bluetooth. With Wi-Fi tethering, you can connect more than one device — but the battery will drain faster than if you used Bluetooth. – According to HTG.

Step No.1: Select the very first option Mobile Hotspot.

Step No.2: Activate it. Then configure it according to your need.

android as modem-wifi hotspot options

Step No.3: Now you’re Done. connect through it on your another device using WiFi.

USB Tethering

android as modem-usb tethering
USB Tethering

USB tethering has the fastest speeds, but you have to connect your phone to your laptop with a USB cable. Your phone’s battery won’t drain because it will suck power from your computer’s USB port. – According to HTG.

Step No.1: Connect your phone to the PC or another Device via Data Cable to use Android as Modem.

Step No.2: Now click on the Third option to connect.

Note: It will only visible when you successfully connected via data cable.

android as modem-usb tethering options

Step No.3: Now you’re Done. connect through it on your PC by clicking connect to the network.

Bluetooth Tethering

android as modem-bluetooth tethering
Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth tethering has slower theoretical speeds, but this shouldn’t matter on 3G connections. You can only tether one device at a time via Bluetooth, but it uses less battery power than Wi-FI tethering. – According to HTG.

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Biggest Advantage to Bluetooth tethering is that the battery drain is much lower compared to WiFi tethering. Like USB tethering, only one connection is allowed via Bluetooth.

Step No.1: Select the third option Bluetooth Tethering.

Step No.2: now your phone’s Bluetooth is automatically activated with tether support.

android as modem-bluetooth tethering options

Step No.3: Now connect to the PC by activating your PC’s Bluetooth and choose the connection.


I hope you have successfully connected to the internet by using your Android Phone as a Modem, So, pick any of the above options and make your PC connect to the internet. And if your phone doesn’t come up with these features inbuilt, you can use 3rd party apps to use Android as Modem.

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