In this world, the competition is cut-throat and people believe in making as much money as possible and as soon as possible and they want it all in the way that is effortless. That is where making money online comes into views. Many people make their money online by selling a product, or they do local marketing business where they provide services for small businesses and they make a tremendous amount of money online and live life on their own terms which most of us want to do. So, this can only be possible by pulling up your socks and joining some online or offline course but the most beneficial out of them is and that will certainly increase your knowledge about affiliate marketing courses is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review
Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review

Wealthy Affiliate is a training course which teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing. For that, you need to know what affiliate marketing is and what are its advantages or disadvantages, is it good or bad?

Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review

Affiliate Marketing is termed as making money by promoting other people’s products. If the referral link that you provide to people generates a sale, then you receive a commission for that referral. People usually promote either physical products or informational product such as weight loss guidebook. The site which provides the platform for a humungous sale of products is Amazon and for informational products, there is Clickbank.

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Why is Affiliate Marketing good?

  •        Nuisance- free: You just have to promote other people’s product; hence you don’t have to bother about the fulfilment of customer’s needs.
  •         You don’t have to worry about getting paid: Because you have cookies for that matter which checks the track visitors and you get paid according to that.
  •        Humungous amount of money: If your affiliate links are unique and you consider that it has the strength and the future of generating a huge market then it has the money according to that.

Why is Affiliate Marketing bad?

  •        Highly competitive: The substantial challenge is that if your link doesn’t generate any traffic and have no visitors then you possibly can’t generate any money.
  •        Few offers may have low commission rates: As all the persons are not created like each other, hence the affiliate offers were not created equal. Some generate more % per sale while some just don’t in spite of huge traffic on them.
  •        Sometimes Affiliate Marketing is over-rated: Often we come to hear that some person made six figures money in just a month by selling this product. It is not like that it came magically to them, it may be because of some ads on their link which generates money
  •        You always have that feeling that you couldn’t build up your own brand: While promoting other peoples product and maintaining their brand quality your diligence just goes in for promoting their product.
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Membership cost of Wealthy Affiliate:

  •        Free Membership: In this course, you get a basic training on how to build an affiliate site and how you will get traffic there.
  •        Premium Membership: Usually costs about $49 per month or $359 per year where you can access the affiliate training that is going worldwide.

Wealthy Affiliate was actually started by Kylee Loudon and Carson Lim in 2005. Though they keep on adding some new things to the courses the real strategy is:

  •        Find the cubbyhole you are comfortable with.
  •        Identify the thing which is unknown and work on that.
  •        Build a site and write a great content about that thing which you think can produce volumes.

But this type of technique worked back in the early 20s when the competition was not so challenging. It still can be done but you need to have something that makes you stand different from the crowd and that are the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) skills. The strategies that you will learn in SEO training will help you to rank your site at the top when somebody searches for the product which you have on search engines.

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Wealthy Affiliate features offered inside the program:

  •        Website builder with 3000+ templates
  •        Web hosting for more than 25 years.
  •        Feedback on your sites and support team is present for you if there is any kind of issues you are dealing with your sites.
  •        Checking for the health, security, and backup of sites.


Overall, there is cut-throat competition now as compared to the time when it was built. You cannot expect your site to generate traffic by just creating it and putting it online. You need to generate traffic on that site and it will only come through SEO skills that you should have to make money with affiliate marketing. And at the end of the day, Skills pay the bills.

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